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Three Things Wednesday

1. The Delacorte YA first novel contest deadline is right around the corner (postmarked between October 1 and December 31). Will your manuscript be ready by then? What do you need to do to reach that goal?

2. School started this week for lots of kids. We sat on the front porch and watched them all in their new clothes and huge backpacks walk down the sidewalk. Such an exciting day. I remember not being able to sleep the night before school started. I remember making sure my socks matched my shirt and  I also remember riding my bike to school early so I could play kickball before the bell rang. I always had to have baby bouncies not too fast.

What are your childhood memories? Can you see yourself as a third grader? What were you wearing? Who were your friends? What made you nervous? Excited? Scared? Take some time to freewrite about the first day of school.

Then, if you want, think about your MC. What were they like in elementary school (are they still in elementary school? If so, what will they be like in high school?) How have they changed? Why have they changed? Who were their friends in elementary? Do they still have those friends? Why or why not?

3. Today is national peach pie day.  In honor of Debbie’s awesome comment on yesterday’s post, make a peach pie and see if you can wait to eat it.

That’s all for today.


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