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Thursday Night

I am actually writing this before bed once. Probably because ever since I started taking my sleeping pills I haven’t been able to get out of bed before 12:00. And that isn’t good for a Friday morning post.

So, I applied for four jobs in the past two days. One of them are bound to call me. . . right? Ugh. I don’t know. That’s not what the post is about.

I watched two movies tonight with my boyfriend. He of course fell asleep ten seconds into the second one. {The Book of Eli. Which by the way I suggest you all watch. Freaking awesome!}

The other movie was based on a novel. The movie was called Perfume. It had a giant orgy at the end. Everything else was good. Probably because Alan Rickman was in it. {He kicks a butt.}

While watching these two movies that had to do with books in someway, it made me think of a post.

BOOKS THAT SHOULD BE MADE INTO MOVIES! {Vol.1} {I’m sure I’ll write more as I read.}

What are some books that you’ve read and thought, “wow that would make a great movie?”
Spill it, guys! I would love to know. Because I’m going to post the ones I was thinking in just a moment….
Okay a moment has passed.

Miles From Ordinary

The Chosen One

{Do you see a pattern here? ha ha }

Cracked Up to Be

FEED!!!!! I wish SOOOO much this was a movie! Come on!

{oh, wait they made this into a movie…it was awful!}

The Forest of Hands and Teeth

White Cat


I would say The Sky is Everywhere…but that would be just one of those movies where you wished there was an actor as good as Jandy’s writing.
I don’t think that makes sense……OH WELL.

There are a million. Sorry I didn’t put in a lot of fantasy novels. . .most of those are made into movies anyway :p

So that’s it. I’ll post music tomorrow!



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