You want a contest? I’ll give you a contest.

I will sponsor a book giveaway–a signed book by our new blog partner–for anyone who guesses accurately AND writes a haiku in honor of this individual. Haikus are important and have a lot to do with this blog.

I should write about how I know this person and how this person is so famous it’s almost awkward and how one time at a fancy dinner this person embarrassed me and I had to act like I didn’t care and I was super cool even though I kept spilling water and talking with salad in my mouth. I should write about their books and how one of them sparked a heated and amazing discussion between me and a couple of friends that lasted late into the night. I should write how this person is intimidating for a few reasons but not intimidating for many more. I should write a lot of things but I don’t want to give anything away.

So just throw out some names and haikus and lets see what we get.

You won’t be disappointed. I promise.


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24 responses to “You want a contest? I’ll give you a contest.

  1. too many choices
    i keep thinking i should know
    who. who? but i don’t.

  2. Amy Finnegan

    I hope I guess right
    This writer would make us laugh (not that the rest of you don’t!)
    Louise Pummer, please!

  3. Lauren Call

    Is it me? Oh, that’s right, I am neither famous or a published author.

    Holly Black

    Because she owns a White Cat
    Wears one Red Glove
    And doesn’t have a Black Heart.

    Is that even a haiku?
    I just worship Holly and I know you two know her. So, I’m hoping against hope.

  4. could it be you, Jane
    (of the Yolen family)?
    you’d fit quite well here.

    or is it Shannon?
    maybe Mette? maybe James?
    guessing. guessing. who?

  5. Nicholas

    I’ll guess Rick Walton.
    He writes lots of books, you know.
    Plus he knows you, right?

  6. I want to win this.
    But I don’t know who it is.
    Is it Rick Walton?

  7. Andrea

    With her fearless pen
    She gave silent girls a voice–
    Inspired them to speak.

    (Is it Laurie Halse Anderson?)

  8. Story of a girl.
    A girl whose name is Sara.
    Zarr is her last name.

  9. Juliette

    Is it Sara Zarr?
    I adore her great work.
    I hope she’s the one.

  10. Mister Chris Crowe, hmm?
    He intimidates me, too.
    Don’t tell him that, though.

  11. Amy Finnegan

    Just one more guess, please.
    If this could be a wish list
    I’d want Ann Cannon

    *And I must throw in my favorite haiku (not written by me):
    Haikus are simple
    And they needn’t make much sense

  12. If it is Ann Cannon, she did not call and tell me yet. And this news would definitely be call worthy. I’d be surprised if Ann Cannon intimidates Ann Dee. I’d also be surprised if she were taller than Ann Dee. Though I’m guessing they have measured and if Ann Cannon did pull out the taller triumph, there would have been cartwheels involved.

    Since Amy picked Ann Cannon, although, come on Finnegan, that was your second guess, I’ll throw another worthy name into the contest-to-end-all-contests. . .

    Emily Wing Smith

    Emily would be
    happiness and gold sunshine
    Welcome to Wednesday’s

  13. I love Cheri Earl
    Just about as much as food,
    Carol, or AnnDee.

    (Even if it’s not Cheri, this Haiku stands true.)

  14. I’m not even going to guess. I’m just going to ask – what time on Wednesday will s/he be posting? The suspense is killing me!


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