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This is Bitter Reading

I took a sleeping pill at onethirtyAM last night.
It was a big mistake because I just woke up like, half hour ago.
That’s almost a full twelve hours of sleep. Goodness me.

I had a couple questions for a few of you readers out there that stop by the Throwingupwords blog on Friday. {And every other day… but Friday is such a busy day.}

I haven’t done a lot of reading this year. Yesterday was the most reading I’ve done this entire year. I finished two books. Yeehaw!
One I read to Grandma. I read her Holes {Great story, right?}

The other book I finished while I was waiting for my pill to kick in, at about…hmmm eleven or so last night.
I won’t say what book it is because. . . I didn’t like it.
Not one bit.
Which is a shame because it had a pretty interesting beginning. And the voice started off pretty decent. But then all the sudden it was like. . .on the fast track to crapville USA.
The real reason the book bothered me was the MC {main character} Didn’t once fix her own problems.
Seriously, she had tons of problems thrown at her {and I’m talking BIG PROBLEMS} and she didn’t have to take care of one of them herself. Someone else popped up on the side and fixed all of them. And the whole novel she’s. . .to say bluntly. . .a total bitch to everyone. And moody and a giant wimp. And the whole novel {400 pages!!} she complained about all these big problems, but then on the last page. BAM everything is fixed. Her life is better than before the problems started. But even at the end. . .she was still moody. Actually, by the end she was the most unlikable person ever. GOODNESS.

So my first question. {After that long rant}
How does it make you feel when you work hours, days, months, years on your novel trying to make it perfect. And then something so awful {Like the book I described above} gets published and popular. I know, I know. The Author probably worked really really hard, too. But probably not as hard as you because, well. . .your books better.
How does it make you feel when you see this? Because when I read this book. I was sick and depressed. I know my novel is better. BRAAAGGGGING.
No, I’m not. But I do know it is. And I bet big money that YOURS is too.
I guess. . .am I the only one who feels this way?? Someone tell me I’m not!

And my next question. {One I ask every year or so}
If you could pick three books to get a nod from the National Book Award people, which would you pick?
It has to have come out this year.
I’m in need of a good book to read.

Okay. I am done!
Everyone have a great fourdayweekend!!!!!


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