Some More Questions

How old are you?

How old do you feel?

How old is your character?

How old does your character feel?

Does your character feel thirteen in one chaper, seventeen in another chapter and then thirty three near the end?

Do you think that’s a problem? why or why not?

Why does Keanu Reeves annoy me so much?

If Keanu Reeves walked into your book, what would your MC say? Does she like Keanu? Did she enjoy the Lake House? Why or why not?

Do you have a lake house?

Can I stay there?

What is unique about your MC?

What makes her different?

What makes her the same?

Do you laugh when you write? Do you have fun? If you aren’t having fun, why not?

Where you do you write? Is this the best place for you to write?

If your MC were going to write a book, where would they write it? Where do they feel the most inspired, the most relaxed?

If you saw Keanu Reeves and you really enjoyed him in Bill and Ted’s but then were a little disappointed in his feature films since then, would you still get your picture with him? Would you get your picture with any celebrity? Why or why not? How would you approach the celebrity and would you feel just the tiniest bit awkward? Why do I want pictures with celebrities? I don’t. Do you? I do.

Do you think it’s cool that I made a smoothie for Steve Young? Or that I stood in line behind Wilford Brinley?

Do you know who Wilford Brinley is?

Do you want to see his picture?

Who have you made a smoothie for?

What celebrity would your MC want to get their picture with?

Are you offended when someone ends a sentence with a preposition?

Do you want to hear the story about when my mom yelled at my sister’s date about ending his sentence with  a preposition?

Do you wish I’d stop?

Okay. I will.


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3 responses to “Some More Questions

  1. Keanu–what if in my mind he looks like the guy my MC hooks up with? What if I LOVED him as John the bastard in Much Ado? What if I started craving wine after seeing him in A Walk in the Clouds? I even liked him as the washed up quarterback substitute in The Replacements. See, as long as he isn’t doing Action and Adventure, I like him. But I can rip apart Kristen Stewart if it makes you feel better.
    As far as Keanu goes, I’m with Card.


    PS But I love you anyway. I hope it’s mutual.

  2. Lauren Call

    My MC would go an excellent adventure with Keanu. Especially if there was a bogus journey with the Reaper.

    I’m 31, but feel like I’m still 17. My MC is 17, and I think she’s sounds 17 because I still talk like a 17, minus all the swearing.

    When I was 13, I was in love with Keanu Reeves. IN LOVE. I even had a fan book about him. For shame, for shame. I used to dream I’d get rich and famous and move into the house next to Keanu. I’d go over to his house to borrow sugar and we’d fall in love and get married. I’m not kidding. After Keanu became a “serious” actor, I fell out of love with him. But, like Kelley, I wouldn’t mind walking in the clouds with him.

    My MC is unique because she’s obsessed with eating cake and running. It balances out. She also lies a lot, but not about mundane things, just things that involve saving the world.

    Does seeing that picture of Wilford Brinley make me want to eat oatmeal and take some medicine for my diabetes? Yes.

  3. I’m 34 but forever 17.

    I’m revising a novel, finishing first draft of another novel, and outlining something for nanowrimo. Two of my MC’s think they are older than their age but act younger, the other MC acts older than her age and despises it. By the end they all end up where they should be, I think.

    My husband teaches Tae Kwon Do and is a web designer, so Matrix Keanu Reeves is pretty cool to me.

    I laugh and cry when I write, it can be embarrassing sometimes.

    I’ve seen Matthew Fox wearing lots of leather and metal at the airport (it’s the airport-what are you thinking?) and Dominic Monaghan at Sears…this is back in the Lost days in Hawaii. Too shy to talk to either but my fantasy novel loving dad talked to Dominic for awhile about Lord of the Rings.

    I would take a picture with you, Ann Dee.


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