Three Things Thursday

1. Take the challenge that Chris suggests in his post yesterday and write one Zombie Haiku every day for a month. Need to feel accountable? Post here. One of the things Chris didn’t say is that he gives himself a time limit to write whatever he is working on. He wrote Mississippi Trial, 1963 in two days with no rewrites. He didn’t even have to research. That’s a fact. I swear.

2. Check this out
and this
and this
These contests are old news, but if you notice the dates on them and think ahead 365 days from the posted date (give a few this way or that), you can start getting ready NOW for next year.
And we can’t forget this–
Delacorte Press Prize for a First Young Adult Contest
Please share any contests you love here so we can all enter them and all win everything. Including a new car.

A contest can mean a guaranteed read, so do your best writing. There have been many years when no novel was chosen for the YA prize. Turn in your best work. Yes, there are people who throw down a bunch of words and then are insulted when no one wins–especially not them. Remember, publishing is a business. Delacorte wants to make money by selling your best work.

3. Just reread Ella Enchanted. I may have liked this book better the second time around. It’s funny and clever and the romance is sweet. What’s a terrific reread for you?

3A–I happen to know that Ann Dee is coming up with an amazing writing contest inspired by something she likes . . . a lot. This is a warning.

3B–And I still have to have the orpah closet contest . . .


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2 responses to “Three Things Thursday

  1. Chris Crowe

    Kyra is also a liar. More on that later . . .


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