I had something to post the other day but now I’m having trouble with it.
I am very terrible at reading the comments I get on this blog. It’s because I rarely use the internet. I mostly just use it on my phone {Which doesn’t have this site} And on Friday’s. So that’s why I never get the chance to reply to the few comments I get.


Cassidy is watching Family Guy. The show has a few funny clips. But as a whole, I sort of hate it. Kind of like those romance novels your Grandma buys. . .heh heh.

I watched a movie today that had a dead mother. {My story has a dead mother} It was about a young boy and what he does when he’s grieving. I really liked it.
But it also had this very inappropriate/fowl-mouthed sidekick.
The movie is called Hesher. If anyone is interested in watching it.
WARNING: It has strong language and a little naughty talk. But other then that. . .very much worth it. Plus the guy who plays Hesher is HOT.

I also witnessed something awful on Wednesday.
Eric and I were driving home from Moms house. {She was having another migraine. I’m sure she posted about it.}
On our drive home we saw a dog in the middle of the road. He had been hit. He was pulling himself along with his two front paws because his back legs had clearly been broken. He was pulling himself to the other side of the road {It’s a four lane road.} He was crawling our our side of the road. Eric slowed down to an almost stop because the dog was close to where we were. But not on our side of the road. {The far right side} When this car next to us came SPEEDING past us and hit the dog. I had to look away because Eric was actually yelling and panicking. I know if he’s freaking out I’ll freak out ten times worse.
I just don’t know why the car didn’t stop. We saw the dog from a ways away. The other car must have been texting/doingsomethingbesidespayingattentiototheroad.
It was awful.
But it made me think. . .maybe I can add that in a story somehow.
Or maybe I couldn’t.
I’d obviously have to learn how to write the scene.

I saw a cat get hit once.
It was no where near as bad as the dog. Probably because it was so fast. And the cat wasn’t suffering.
Goodness I sound like a baby.

My teeth are in bad shape.
There’s something wrong with the pipes from the house I live in, and so now the house is a smelly smelly place.
I think I’m going to buy some pleather leggings tomorrow. I haven’t bought new clothes in ages.

I’m going to sleep. It’s late.
Everyone have a great weekend!


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2 responses to “Animals

  1. I think you described the dog getting hit very well, I actually groaned when I read it and now I’d like to cry. If you can get a reader to do that you’ve done well. I’m so sorry about the dog, I won’t be able to forget it. Ever.


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