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I have had a terrible week.
Isn’t that the greatest thing to read at the start of a blogpost? Yet another person on a blog complaining about how awful and depressing their lives are?
I actually like those type of posts. I’m a sucker for drama I guess.

I’m going to brief about how awful my week was.
Starting last Friday. {Thedeaddogpostday}
I got in a fight with my amazing boyfriend who I am in such deep love with that it’s like…unreal. ha ha ho ho!
Saturday. I got really really sick.
Sunday. I was still sick. {Barf.fever.theworks}
Monday. I went to the doctor and had to go through a lot of awkward doctor stuff. {Standing on a scale and such}
Monday {later on} Going to pick up my prescription and found out I was not insured. {Well, if you can imagine how embarrassed I was when the pharmacist called the insurance people. Is this too personal? I don’t care. You can skip this line if you’d like} Then, as I was checking out. My card was declined. Which I thought was weird because I have money in my checking. I’d checked it that morning before I went to the doctor. {I’m sure that checking account will be cleaned out come the doctor bills thanks to Mondays visit}
Later Monday. I cry.
Tuesday. Well, insomnia.
Wednesday. Too much Madmen.
blah blah blah.

I did all this complaining this week. TONS of it. And I realized it didn’t make me feel better. I only felt worse. Why aren’t my posts funny? Because everything I talk about is dreary and sad.

BUT. You know what made today good? It actually made up for my whole awful week.
I realized that I can get a library card.
I’m going to be getting mail soon. {Yes, it’ll be a doctor bill..maybe two} But still. My first real piece of mail. I haven’t been able to get a new book in ages. And I am stoked! I was so excited that I googled all the books that people thought might win the Printz this year. I found so many interesting titles I could jump for joy. {Okay not really. . .but you get the idea.}

There was one title that really caught my eye. {Wow that sounded so lame. Let me rephrase.}
There was one book that looks SO GOOD. If any of you have read it, or have an arc or know how I can get my hands on one. . .please let me know. But also let me know what you thought. Maybe I’m hyping myself up too much. But whatever.

So here is the book.

Has anyone heard of it? {That cover blows my mind. Goodnesscrap!}

I think that’s enough complaining for the day.
But to finish off I’d like to say.
I just love books. They really do make being alive awesome!


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