All Carb Diet

Today I have started this new diet. It features white flour, white sugar, strawberry freezer jam , gummy grapefruit slices, and then tons of DIET soda guys. TONS. I’ve been hearing really really great things about it but it’s going to be SUPER hard to stay on track so wish me luck!!!!

Also, I saw this movie with my husband the other night. I was skeptical because I usually don’t like to watch people smash the crap* out of other people. I don’t know why. It’s weird.

But you will be surprised (Not surprised) to find out I actually sort of liked it. it was cheesy, it was sentimental, two brother smashed the crap out of each other, and I liked it. As I was watching I was like, uh, why do I like this? What about this writing, this story-telling is making me so connected to this? Then i was like, go Brendan go. Beat your brother up. Who cares if he’s beat down from the war. who cares if he had a bad childhood and felt abandoned.  You need to save your house! You’re a teacher! Kids love you!

Then I was like, I have problems. This movie is lame.

Then I was like, crying.

Cam looked at me. You’re crying, he said.

No I’m not, I said.

Uh, yes. You are.

No. I don’t cry at cage fighting, I said.

You do, honey. You do. It’s like Steel Magnolias.

He didn’t really say that Magnolias thing but I felt like writing that.


So, my question is, when have you read or seen something that you were surprised you liked? What was it about the book/movie/song that pulled you in (even when you thought FOR SURE you would not, could not like that book/movie/song)? Did it change your view on the genre? Shift your approach to writing? Make you think harder about your reading/movie-watching snobbery? What makes a good story? What changes a lame story, sentimental plot, cliche characters into something surprisingly fresh?

I want to know and I get the next movie pick so give me some lame (but secretly so so so good) chick flicks I can make Cam sit through.

*My mom would be disappointed I wrote crap. Sorry Mom.


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11 responses to “All Carb Diet

  1. CLW

    Please tell your mom, Ann Dee, that I’m sorry for all the dumb stuff I say, too.
    And you made me laugh.

  2. ally

    I started bawling my eyes out when Demi Lovato’s song “Skyscraper” came on while I was driving to Lehi one day. Totally did not see that coming…

    I like the sounds of your diet. I think you need to add mango lassis just to make it extra difficult. You can do it!

    • anndee

      I have never listened to Demi Lovato. I’m going to try it. And yes, mango lassis are so hard to choke down but i probably should add them to the list. Thanks Ally.

  3. Jon

    I hate reality TV with a passion. I’ve never watched an entire episode…. Until the other night I watched 3 hours straight of reality TV and freakin LOVED it… Survivor Season Premier followed by Big Brother Season Finale. As soon as it was over I asked Shelby, “when does the next Bachelor Pad start??”

    • anndee

      Jon. I don’t know if I believe you. i want to believe you because that would be so awesome. But I don’t think i believe you. Cam will not watch any reality TV with me. Ever.

  4. Take Cam to see Crazy Stupid Love…Tod even liked it even though we knew it was silly but it was a good one if you’re going to see a dumb one.

    I’ll go see your movie this weekend.

  5. PS I’ve been on an all-carb diet for six weeks now and it’s done wonders. Any muscle I had is now gone and I’m soft all over which some people might really like. Good luck with yours; stay strong!

  6. anndee

    I’m am throwing everything i have into it. Thanks for the push. Love you.

  7. Lauren Call

    How about the all cake diet? I’ve always wanted to see if I could eat a whole cake. All by myself. In one day. I think it’s important to set goals.

    Three years ago, when The Vampire Diaries premieres on the CW, I thought, that show looks SO stupid. I’m going to watch it and mock it, like I mock Twilight! I was–here comes a pun–dead wrong. That show is well written, fast passed, and all those six pack abs flashing by on screen do wonders for character depth.

    Then I begrudgingly (ly! Sorry, Carol) went to see some Nicholas Sparks movie (not the Notebook) with my mom and bawled! I never cry at movies, but when Nicholas Sparks kills young people in love, I just loose it!


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