Battle Royale/The Hunger Games/ Nip/Tuck

I’ve been reading and writing a lot this week.
Probably because I’ve had a terribleawfulcold! But at least being sick has given me the chance to read a few books. {Not the one I talked about last week. I don’t get that ’till Tuesday} and done almost my entire millionth re-write. :p

I’ve been reading Eric The Hunger Games and myself Battle Royale.

Have any of you read both books?
What were your thoughts?
Which did you like better?

Both books are awesome and will make great movies. {I still can’t get my hands on a copy of the movie Battle Royale but. . .soon enough. has some good deals.}

The books are both very similar in a lot of ways. Some early reviews of The Hunger Games said it was a “rip-off” of Battle Royale. But I mostly disagree because there are also a lot of differences.

That’s something I’d really like to discuss on the blog. {Or in a book club. The one I never started. Dammit I’m not even single anymore. I’d still like to join a book club. If anyone knows of any good ones.}

So if you’ve read both books. . .post comments below with differences and similarities and which one you liked better. {Without any spoilers of course! :)}

New news also!
I didn’t get the job I had an interview for.
Did I say anything about a job last week? Oh, well. Either way I didn’t get it. So to make myself feel better {Besides the reading a writing. . .which actually has helped a lot.} I’ve been watching a lot of Nip/Tuck and Desperate Housewives. {Nip/Tuck isn’t really something I chose to watch. . .but I still sat through almost the entire first season. Probably not one for Mom.}

ALSO! I’ve been doing a lot of canyon strolls. They are so nice this time of year! I’m hoping to hike/wander/walk around the canyon everyday ’till the horrible cold comes back to ruin everyone’s year.

This blog post has been all over the place tonight. I’m going to blame the cough medicine and spicy soup I’ve been drinking for the past three days.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! WOOOWEEEE.


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4 responses to “Battle Royale/The Hunger Games/ Nip/Tuck

  1. CLW

    Thanks for writing faithfully, Kyra.
    I heart you.

  2. CLW

    But I am wondering about your music choices now. Is this because of your Hot Indian Boyfriend? this is awful.

  3. Kyra

    hahah no Mom. He doesn’t listen to that music. I just put that up cuz it was a catchy tune. I found it on my ipod last night. :p

  4. Lauren Call

    Oh, I miss strolling around Provo Canyon. And that makeout mountain. Squaw Peak! Don’t tell my husband I ever went up before I knew him. Anywhoo. Sorry you’re sick, but at least you’ve gotten some great reading/writing time. I secretly like getting sick just so I can relax.
    I’ll have to check out Battle Royale because I’m all ready in love with The Hunger Games. Movie comes out in six months!


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