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I hate emotions. They really piss me off {look! another emotion}

Have you ever been so angry that you shook. . .for hours?
Have you ever been so sad that you didn’t think you could cry?
Have you ever been so happy that you wondered why you were ever sad?

Aren’t the above lines corny? I guess emotions aren’t that bad.
Writing about them is, though.

But this isn’t about writing about them. At least not really.

I really am so angry I can’t stop shaking. I’m really surprised I can type.
Sometimes things just build up and it makes you wonder what the hell? Does this all have to happen at once? I bet that Mom feels that way every day.
Seriously I bet she does.

I’m worried I won’t be able to sleep. Lucky for me I went to the library on Monday. I’ve started reading a new book. It’s actually pretty good {so far}
It’s called Please Ignore Vera Deitz. {I don’t have it with me but I think that’s the spelling. Forgive me if I’m wrong.}
It has some really great stuff going on. And did I mention the voice? The voice is great. Vera actually sounds like a teen gal.
She sounds like my thoughts.

I still think like I’m 18.

Did I mention I got a job? Oh, yeah. I did. SO I guess that’s good. yay.
I hope tomorrow goes by fast.

I’ll finish this off by complaining more.

I hate being pissed off. I hope the weekend gets rid of that terrible feeling. But I know that it’s mostly my own fault. I let stuff get to me. I always thought I didn’t until now.

We rented Jane Eyre. It’s great. I suggest you get it.



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