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My list

1. I keep singing “One night in Bangkok and the blah blah blah blah . . . ” and then I sing, “One night in Bangkok and his face is face off . . . ” and then I try “One night in bangkok and he drives a fast car.” Cam is sitting next to me and he says, really? because I don’t know the words to any songs. Any. But I sing all the time and this is probably very frustrating to the kind of people who actually know the words to songs.

2. Today while I was scrubbing my floors (because I do that all the time. Always. Always. My house is so super clean it’s weird. Totally) I wondered if Angelina Jolie scrubs her floors. Or vacuums her floors. Or does anything like that. Then I thought maybe she would because it’d be unexpected. but then I thought, no way. She’d never do that. Then i thought, if I write about this on the blog, Chris Crowe will have so much fun making fun of me. Then I thought, I wonder why Brad thought it was necessary to say his life with Jennifer Aniston was uninteresting. Then I had to stop scrubbing the floors because i got hungry.

3. I said we were going to start a little friendly competition this week and I meant it. Unfortunately, nanowrimo is coming up so fast and when I consulted with Carol, she pointed out that a full blown Project Writeway contest might interfere with your nanowrimo aspirations. So now I am going to do a few mini-competitions to get you rolling for nanowrimo and the REAL Project Writeway will start after November. I think Chris might make fun of this also. Hi Chris.

4. Do you ever wish you had an awesome witch costume for Halloween? I do. I  wish it. I also wish I could go to one of those murder mystery parties because I think I should have been an actor in my real life–I’d really like to be in  a murder mystery. Today I was singing a mean old witch song to my three year old (he likes mean old witch songs. I promise) and I thought to myself, I am so good at this. I am like really really witchy. Where can I be a witch? Then I thought, I should try out for that scary Asylum thing in the mall parking lot. I think I could make a lot of money.

5. I will post the mini-competition on Thursday in conjunction with three things Thursday.

6. Please count all the adverbs I’ve used in this post.

The end.


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List of Things to Do Today

So I spent two days with Cheri writing. Well, not really. We had visitors at our get-away and it was super-late notice to go and part of our ‘writing’ is discussing plot. BUT. I am CLOSE to the end of the Damned Dystopian. Just pages away.

Also, I sent the first 260 pages to my agent. If you never hear from me again, he hated the book.
Hint: Sometimes you can have people read for content or line by line grammatical stuff or for character development. I asked Steve to see if the plot felt in place and if the characters felt real.

Yesterday was another heartbreak. Are those going to stop?
Sure–I know they will. When I die and you know what? I bet I have plenty of horrible disappointments on the other side, too.

Here’re my goals for the day. And yes, I always make lists like this and yes, I sometimes only scratch off one thing.

1. Finish final pages of the DD
(Please please please please please please pleasepleasepleaseplease pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease finish today. Please. Please.)
2. Clean up the backyard
3. Figure out with the girls how the dogs are getting in the cow pasture.
4. Put the new fruit trees back in the ground so the pups can’t dig them up.
6. Put the garbage out.
(Better do that soon.)
7. Clean the main floor of the house.
8. Move Elise’s boxes.
9. Figure out where that horrible smell is coming from.
10. Check my email 800 times to see if Steve has responded.
11. Write today’s blog
(Almost have one thing marked off the list!!)
12.Wonder if I can really do NaNoWriMo
13. Prepare for the Birthday Girl’s class.
(Yup Yup yup, I have an idea!!!)
14. Email Ann Dee about if she wants Cait to come over.
(Can we count this as an email, Ann Dee? Email me back and let me know where and when. And there is a CHANCE that next weekend is a go for the other stuff you and I have talked about.)
15. Wonder at my next Simon and Schuster novel–I have the idea, but what about the shape?
(Yes, I tell myself what to think in my list of goals. Especially if I am doing something a little more mindless like straightening up.)
16. Decide who to round out Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers faculty. (We have the dates–The THIRD full week of June. June 18-22) Who else do I want?
17. Maybe start sending out contracts?
18. Call Rick. No. Email. Phone is broken.
(I love having a broken phone. NOT because of Rick!)
19. Think about next book for St. Martin’s. I know the idea and it’s going be another hard one. Should I even try this idea?
(Just came up with a winner thought so I can mark this off my list–Don’t Pre-sell the Book, Dummy. Finish it first. So yes, I have thought of this AND I can keep thinking about it. Whew!)
20. Get dressed.
(Do this before taking out garbage.)
21. Take pills.
22. Say prayers.
23. Read students blogs and comment.

Done! That’s an okay list.

24. Call about prescriptions.
25. Decide where pups will sleep this winter.
26. Transfer money from one account to the other.
27. Pay bills.
28. Wonder about e-pubbing.
29. Call Rick about this.

(Oh wait! I have a lunch appointment at noon.)
30. Lunch out
(I hate it when I forget important things like this. Now I have to add:)
31. Shower.
32. Beg daughters not to fight while I’m gone.
33. Put in contacts.
(I better go. This can AND does go on all day.)


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