Take a Deep Breath

So last night I had all these dreams and I was gonna wake up and tell them to you but I can’t remember even one.
I can remember night before last’s and it including two dogs who had no hair but skin that looked like a mummy’s. The dogs were headed toward the car I was in.
Are these my pups made into zombies?
Phht. I still hate ’em.

Oh wait.
Last night.
I was in this way old house that was my neighbor’s. A Southern house from the ’30’s, maybe, and the floors were falling apart and riding up and down and there was a claw foot tub and I remember the halls were super-wide. The best part? I had so much money I was rebuilding her a home and mine, too (on the huge lot next door).
I must be worried about my own home.

Making Time to Write

Long before I was pubbed I lived in Florida and worked at the Borden’s ice cream plant where I got to eat all the ice cream I wanted. Plus drink milk. Chocolate.
By this time in my life (16), I knew I wanted to be a writer.
Being a writer meant a lot to me.
I didn’t know it, but all the reading I did and all the writing I did was training me to be a professional.

I wrote anytime an idea struck, including when I was at work and could only put one word down at a time, on a cardboard ice cream box I kept on a work table beside me, while I sealed boxes of ice cream sandwiches (24 per box, marked for individual sale, probably for Disney or another theme park).

Idea strikes.
Pull out pen.
Write for three seconds.
Fold box tops down
tuck lid in
slap on tape
throw container on conveyor belt
write a few more words
fold box tops down
tuck lid in
slap on tape
throw container on conveyor belt
write a few more words
fold box tops down
tuck lid in

You get the picture.
I wanted it.
I wanted to succeed.

I had no idea then that those stories I worked on in the Borden’s Ice Cream Plant, Orlando, Florida, would wind up in my first novel, Kelly and Me a million years later. While I had a goal to publish, I didn’t believe it was possible. I had no idea how to go about it. I never thought it would happen to me.

So tomorrow–that’s day one of NaNoWriMo.
And here’s the deal for me.
I am going to write the BEST I can during this next month because I want to sell this book when we’re through with the competition.
It’s possible.
I know how I write, I know what a books needs, I’ve been thinking (sort of) of this story for a long time, and I want to succeed.
I also know my weaknesses as a writer, that I think 1000 words is a good day and that I have to triple that, that I’m not exactly sure how this novel will end–or even what the climax will be.
I have some of the answers.
But still lots of problems that I’ll try and decide solutions to today or discover as I write along.

Here’s the second deal for me.
If I can’t do it the first few days, well, I may jump overboard because I don’t want this time wasted.
Still–if I can write short stories on a brown cardboard box, why can’t I do this next month?

The truth is we look for excuses to fail (see above paragraph).
You succeed when you set your mind to something.
When you do it.
And if you love what you do, well, that will help you that much more in your success rates.
Want it bad enough.
Go after it.
2300 words per day.
We’re going together.

So I’m taking a deep breath.

Tomorrow we begin!


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8 responses to “Take a Deep Breath

  1. I did NaNo last year for the first time and had a blast – until about two thirds the way through. But I kept going, even though it came out crazy and I threw most of that part away afterward. A few gems showed up, which is amazing, considering I wrote from 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. for the month. Anyhow, I learned a lot about me, and my voice came out loud and clear. (May not be a good thing. A.m. voices are rather scary.) I wish you best of luck and look forward to your comments on how it’s going!

  2. I’m diving in too. 2000 words a day for me. I’m excited in the way that only a nano-virgin can be. I’m expecting to hit a wall somewhere in the middle.

    So I’ll be expecting a spectacular motivation post. Please! In a few weeks.

  3. Angie Shinkle

    I’m still in too. I’m going to try to hit 2000 a day as well. I have the same concerns as Emily, hitting the wall in the middle. I think it will be brick and built by a very good mason.

  4. Carol, I am a scaredy-pants, but I’m doing to do it too (and I may also have the bail out option…but I am really going to try not to). I think I always think I am going to fail, so I convince myself it’s easier not to try. But since I’ve taken the last month off, for mental health reasons, I think I am mostly buoyed up to do it. And now I have to go write on Ann Dee’s post as well, b/c she just said some amazing things as well, and I need to tell her that. (I am posting here because you said amazing, inspiring things as well). My NaNoWriMo goal is to finish my novel as well. :S <—worry face.

    • CLW

      Don’t be a scaredy-pants. We’re in this together. You have a terrific book. And a bail out plan is good. Right? Who knows if you make it or not but you.
      Here’s the deal. When it gets hard, we talk here. Or via email. And we think of our dinner together at the end of the month.
      One word at a time. Just one word.


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