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My Quilog on Writing Tips

I would like to produce a ‘vlog’ (that’s a ‘video-blog’ for those of you born in the last century), something as cool and smart as John Green’s.  Unfortunately, I lack the technical skill of John Green.  Well, that and the coolness and smartness.  Anyway, in lieu of a cool, smart vlog, here’s a ‘quilog,’ a quilt work of videos posted in a blog.  Each of these videos has a lot of truth about writing, and each one seemed especially fitting during National Novel Writing Month or whatever it’s called.

The titles and links to each video appear above the screen shots of the video itself.  Clicking on the link will take you to Youtube, and from there you can watch these videos and remark to yourself how cool and smart Chris Crowe would be if only he were John Green.

“So You Want to Write a Novel” http://youtu.be/c9fc-crEFDw

“Bob Shea, Literary Death March” http://youtu.be/vZ27P9GvjaE

“How Not To Write A Novel: The Bookfomercial”: http://youtu.be/ocvlo3XG8aY

Neil Gaiman’s writing advice: http://youtu.be/bpNb5NwxX_g

“So You Want to Write A Romance Novel: Chapters 1 – 3”  http://youtu.be/hoiOnZ5otSo

Next week, if you’re lucky, I may show you my first book trailer.  Beware!


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