Nano Check Up and Things Like That

Today is the seventh day of Nano and while Carol is right there with her word count, many of us are not. Ahem. What should you do if you’re behind?

This is why diets don’t work. Right when you cheat  and eat a snickers bar, you go crazy and eat the whole bag and forget the diet. What we should do is cheat, eat the whole bag and then start eating healthy again.

So, if you are behind, if you missed a day or two, so what? Start again tomorrow. Reassess. What happened? Can you avoid it in the future? What can you do to get the time in that you need for the rest of the month. Should you adjust your goal? If you end up writing 500 words a day for the entire month of November, you will have accomplished something significant. JUST DON’T STOP.

The other thing is, sometimes, when things get hard, you have to make a decision. How much do I want this? You have to take a step back and look at it. Maybe at that moment, you don’t want it as much as you thought you did. And if that’s how it is, then that’s fine. No problem.

BUT if you really want it, if it’s important to you, you might have to make some difficult sacrifices.  At different times in my life, I’ve had to step back and re-order my priorities. How am I spending my time? Is this how I want to be spending my time? Am I happy? Should I be happy? What would make me more happy? What am I doing to avoid gutting through hard things? What do I need to do to make this thing that I want work with the life that i have right now?

Anything is possible. JUST DON”T STOP.


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4 responses to “Nano Check Up and Things Like That

  1. My CP’s and I have been emailing each other our word count and last line of the day every single night. It has been a blast to cheer each other on, get a good kick in the pants when needed, and laugh at everyone’s out of context amazing writing, getting hints at each story as we go. It has really helped me to keep going knowing I can’t let my peeps down either. They are the best motivation EVER! With the insanity going on in my life, I have come to realize too that Anything Is Possible. JUST DON’T STOP. Thanks Ann Dee!

    • One of Ilima’s CPs here. And so happy to cheer her on and be cheered by her. NaNo has been an amazing boost of writerliness (is that a word). I’m happy I’m taking part in a grand frenzy of community writing.

      Also, Ilima claims she’s writing a MG, but after her last line yesterday, I’m not sure. Seems more like adult. VERY adult. 🙂

  2. Elizabeth Dimit

    NaNoMo has been awesome! It’s just what I needed to get me going, and your and Carol’s words of encouragement have helped so much. Plus, thanks to WIFYR for introducing me to the most fabulous group of ladies to hook up with during this wacky, wonderful time!

  3. Angie Shinkle

    I needed this post. I like the “adjust the goal” part. I think that may be the key to what I need to do to make it. My goal was a common mistake of my eyes being bigger than my stomach. So I’m going to readjust and keep going.


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