I Was Assaulted At Work !!

Kyra Here

Seriously! I was.
Today at work a lady assaulted me because I couldn’t cut her half a yard of ribbon.
I’m being serious.
Sometimes I am amazed by the things people do. I have so many things I could complain about. Because people are so stupid.

If you text or call me, I can tell you more about the crazy lady at work.
Okay. So she didn’t push or hit me. . .but she did touch/grab me. Which is enough for me. I was almost about to let myself get fired for decking the bitch in the face. Pardon my french but. . .she was a crazy bitch.

I talked to Courtney Lowe {E?} from the library for an hour yesterday. Talking about books really made my day go by so fast. I loved the chat. It really made me realize I want to be a librarian. Which I’ve already decided. . .but this is more a reason. I could talk about books/writing for years. It is such a great topic.

I guess I don’t have much to say as far as writing. . .except I’m finally reading A Monster Calls and I really am enjoying it.

OH! And I read my novel to Eric the other night. He FELL ASLEEP!!!!!!! 24 pages in. Is this a bad sign? hah hah hah jp.

You guys have a great night!!!


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One response to “I Was Assaulted At Work !!

  1. Angie Shinkle

    I needed that half yard Kyra!!! You have no idea how crucial it was to hang myself after 11 days of NaNoWriMo!!!! Why couldn’t you have just given me half a yard?????


    PS sorry you got assaulted and possibly groped.


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