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It’s Thursday but Friday in My Mind

I have been obsessed with this album.
Did I tell you guys why I missed Portugal’s last show? It is a very sad story. Maybe I’ll add it in a book and everyone can feel my pain. 😦 ha ha

SO there’s this new buffet in Provo. And I saw that it had unlimited sushi so I decided to go with Nina.
Big Mistake!
I always regret going to buffet’s. They make me sick and I never get my money’s {26 bucks!!} worth. Ever.
And to make matters worse? There was a giant hair in the sorbet! WHAT THE HELL? it was huge and black and disgusting. Seriously, it was sick.

OKay. So writing.

I have four {4} new beginnings. I have no idea where they are going but I’m hoping that the last place they end up is in someones book shelf. Or the library.
I just want to sell a stupid book already.
I’ve been working on my current novel for almost two years. When I started writing it I seriously thought it’d be easy and awesome and da da da.
No one told me that writing was hard. {Except maybe Mom}

I’ve been doing a lot more reading.
I finished A Monster Calls.
I liked it.
Although I have a problem with figuring everything out. Like, that one didn’t have a big surprise or anything but it did have little stories that I figured out and stuff.
I do that sorta thing during movies. It makes Eric really mad at me. He says I ruin everything hahah

Christmas is around the corner.
Does anyone know what would be a good gift for a lot of people? Maybe my novel wrapped in toilet paper? Who wouldn’t want that! :p

I think it’s posts like this that make Mom want to kick me off the blog. I haven’t helped the writing world at all with this crap.

OH well!


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Three Things Thursday

Check out:


The Anatomy of Wings by Karen Foxlee

Modern Family

Do this:

Add these three things to your NaNoWriMo (or whatever you are working on):

a car accident that someone witnesses or is in

one of those cool fighting kites

an angry conversation using the line, “You don’t care.”


If you could be a full-time writer, how would you spend your days?

What’s been the hardest thing about NaNoWriMo?

What would be the perfect writing class?


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