It’s Thursday but Friday in My Mind

I have been obsessed with this album.
Did I tell you guys why I missed Portugal’s last show? It is a very sad story. Maybe I’ll add it in a book and everyone can feel my pain. 😦 ha ha

SO there’s this new buffet in Provo. And I saw that it had unlimited sushi so I decided to go with Nina.
Big Mistake!
I always regret going to buffet’s. They make me sick and I never get my money’s {26 bucks!!} worth. Ever.
And to make matters worse? There was a giant hair in the sorbet! WHAT THE HELL? it was huge and black and disgusting. Seriously, it was sick.

OKay. So writing.

I have four {4} new beginnings. I have no idea where they are going but I’m hoping that the last place they end up is in someones book shelf. Or the library.
I just want to sell a stupid book already.
I’ve been working on my current novel for almost two years. When I started writing it I seriously thought it’d be easy and awesome and da da da.
No one told me that writing was hard. {Except maybe Mom}

I’ve been doing a lot more reading.
I finished A Monster Calls.
I liked it.
Although I have a problem with figuring everything out. Like, that one didn’t have a big surprise or anything but it did have little stories that I figured out and stuff.
I do that sorta thing during movies. It makes Eric really mad at me. He says I ruin everything hahah

Christmas is around the corner.
Does anyone know what would be a good gift for a lot of people? Maybe my novel wrapped in toilet paper? Who wouldn’t want that! :p

I think it’s posts like this that make Mom want to kick me off the blog. I haven’t helped the writing world at all with this crap.

OH well!


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4 responses to “It’s Thursday but Friday in My Mind

  1. CLW

    I love you, Kyra Leigh Williams and I am so glad that you are a writer, too.
    I hope we get to do book signings with Ann Dee and Ann and Louise and Ally and Matt and Rick and Cheri and Claudia and MT Anderson.

  2. Don’t tell the others, but Fridays are my favorite days on this blog. I like your posts Kyra. You are like a character in a book. And I love that.

  3. I love you too, Kyra. you’ll never get kicked off. ever.

  4. Kyra

    You guys are so nice!

    Even you Mom…who is really mad at me. 😛


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