Three Things Thursday

Check out:

The Anatomy of Wings by Karen Foxlee

Modern Family

Do this:

Add these three things to your NaNoWriMo (or whatever you are working on):

a car accident that someone witnesses or is in

one of those cool fighting kites

an angry conversation using the line, “You don’t care.”


If you could be a full-time writer, how would you spend your days?

What’s been the hardest thing about NaNoWriMo?

What would be the perfect writing class?


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13 responses to “Three Things Thursday

  1. If I could be a full time writer I would hire someone to clean my house while I wrote. I can’t imagine anything better than writing behind a closed door and opening it to a beautiful clean house!

    The hardest thing about nano is there’s no break. Which also, in a weird sort of way, is what’s great about it. Everyday I celebrate when I hit my goal and put it away. I don’t even look at it again…and I open it the next day, sigh, and start again. I have no idea if it even makes sense. I guess we’ll find out in December.

    The perfect writing class would be one taught by Ann Dee, Carol Lynch Williams, and Chris Crowe. And it would be taught in my barn and everyone from the blog would come and enjoy the weather in California and we’d go on walks through the vineyard every morning and out to dinner every night.
    Oh, and also, someone would clean my house while we had class.


  2. Denece

    1. Wake up 5 ish. I love the mornings. Exercise for 1 hour. Clean up the house 30 minutes, and that’s all it needs and it’s great. Write for the rest of the day. Somebody brings me food.
    (throw in traveling to locations for authenticity, all expenses paid)

    2. Realizing that this mess is a mess.

    3. Perfect writing class-university class style:

    Finish a NEW work to get the A. (4 months) We want the A so we will be admitted to an MFA program, if it weren’t for that goal we wouldn’t care if we got the A because it’s about the writing. (of course everybody gets an A because the class is stacked…only great writers are allowed in the class but they let me in in order to “give back” in gratitude for what they have been given; so I’m sitting amongst talent with a writing rabbi having the time of my life)

    Class time.
    Three hours once a week: 1 1/2 hours being taught. 1 1/2 hours workshopping the words that we posted to our group on-line….before the mid-week deadline…so they’ve already been read and now have great feedback.

    Amazing writers in every workshopping group. . .see above

    Teacher visits the workshopping, One group a week, having read what was posted on line, Fixes everything, and we, as students, understand the repair and wonderful suggestions and never ever backtrack into our evil writing patterns again.

    Query Queen grants all students perfect query talents. A miracle endowed with minimal practice.

    Visiting authors, inspiration on just the right day.

    Considerable Improvement. Momentous Improvement.

    (Perfect class: contracts waiting for every student)

    4. Perfect writing class: one on one–rabbi to student

    • CLW

      What if the new book is crap? Do you still get the “A”? Is it only about words? Numbers?

      There is some cool stuff here. . . .

      • Angie Shinkle

        lol – ditto on the “contracts waiting for every student.”

        Ditto on Emily’s comment on NaNo – it’s everyday. That’s what hard and great about the whole project.

      • Denece

        No crap…see above. . . only gifted writers (and me)
        By decree: a perfect class has superior talent

        (And despite what I may say in public, my Real stuff is not crap …granted, it can be a mess, a WIP, a work of great potential, a bud in winter contemplating a spring bloom…,
        … then my teacher, he said, “delete this whole sex scene”….but I didn’t and Throckmorton liked it, she wanted more, she wanted me to rename the guy “Chris.” Throckmorton’s ex liked it, as long as the guy wasn’t named Chris. And Chris says he wasn’t offended….at least he said he wasn’t …only I’m not too sure with his bishop air and him thinking everything in print is dirty and him talkin like Throckmorton is male, but she isn’t, she came to class today..Throckmorton…She didn’t know Chris was at a conference so he couldn’t post yesterday, and she was so distraught, believing him deathly ill because he couldn’t post, and she rushed into class before Ann Dee and Carol got there, and she said, “Hey.” And I said, “Are you lost?” And then she said, “Is this Chris’ class? Is he ok?” And then McKenzie whispered that this stranger was the infamous Throckmorton, and Throckmorton turned around and stared her down and said, “Where is my man?” And I busted up because I know Chris is married and that he declinates Throckmorton’s name as masculine, so she huffed a bit and left. Jess ran out to invite her back for the party, but alas…When everybody ran out of pithy comments, we finally agreed on two things: Throckmorton is in love with Chris and she had great shoes. With that I testify that Throckmorton is female or a crossdresser or transvestite …And that’s when Carol and Ann Dee came in laughing and I wondered if they had seen Throckmorten just then, in that state of unrequited…All we needed was Emily’s barn, Chris’ jokes, and the rest of you, and today could have been labeled a perfect class.)
        (Especially when Carol cancelled the final)
        Thank you, Carol.
        Nice class.

        The difference between one who writes and a writer? Rewrites

  3. Throckmorten's ex

    And Throckmorton doesn’t love Chris.
    And look what happens to his class and this blog when he goes galavanting off on some erotic conference thing.

  4. Throckmorten's sister

    Carol, all the girls say thanks. Cancelling the final and all that.


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