Five things for Thanksgiving

1. Today I tucked my fat into my jeans and I thought to myself, I wonder when I’m going to get my body back and then I started laughing. ah ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Has your MC ever tucked their fat into jeans? Why or why not? What do they feel about fat in jeans? How does this relate to their pre-thanksgiving preparations? Do they prepare for Thanksgiving? Help out Mom? Or sit in their room and play Call of Duty?

2. I have to make a bunch of pies for my family thanksgiving dinner and I don’t know how to make pies. I sort of do but I also sort of don’t. I’ve heard that shortening is better than butter. is that true? I’ve also heard that some pecan pies never set. If your MC was going to make a pie, what would he/she make? Mine would go to Village Inn and steal one with her boyfriend. Then they’d eat it on the roof and toss the pie plate at someone walking down the sidewalk.

3. As I was searching for thanksgiving related news to share (Rachael Ray makes thanksgiving chili! You should too!) I read this. It broke my heart. It also would be an interesting premise for a novel. And does it relate to thanksgiving? What do you think you’d be thinking if this happend to you? How would you spend your thanksgiving?   

4. Write fifty words on thanksgiving. At least fifty. Then go eat. 

5. And finally, I am thankful for all of you. I am thankful for wonderful writing friends who support me and laugh with me and at me and make me feel like maybe this is all worth it. I don’t think I’d be still doing this without all of you. Hug a writing friend this holiday season. 

The end. 



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7 responses to “Five things for Thanksgiving

  1. Elizabeth Dimit

    How ironic that you mention tucking fat into jeans! My MC is an overweight 12-year-old who is uncomfortable with her weight. What a great imagery to use (if you don’t mind my borrowing it? :-). Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Thanks for the reminders AnnDee. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. Denece

    1. Jeans: Yep. That’s why I prefer my high-rise jeans, I see what happens to my middle when I wear low-rise jeans.
    2. Pecan Pie: Must have 1 Tbs. Rum
    3. Pie Crust: Lard.
    Failing Lard buy frozen Marie Calendars deep dish and never buy frozen Western Family.

    Or make this easy delicious pie crust: 1 1/2 c. flour, 1 1/2 tsp sugar, 1/2 c. oil, 2 T milk.
    Mix together and press into pie pan for a crust.

    I’ve finally mastered a juicy turkey, too. I love Thanksgiving food.

    I teach the most amazing 16 year old Sunday School class. There are 11 of them on the roll but 14-16 kids show up.
    Your Thanksgiving post reminded me of this weeks challenge:
    Notice, what are other people thankful for?

    Happy Thanksgiving

    • Angie Shinkle

      Juicy Turkey…please share!!!

      • Denece

        Happy Thanksgiving Angie,


        1. Fresh turkey or COMPLETELY defrosted. (Turkey under 20 lbs. My grandparents had a turkey farm..A real turkey farm…100 years ago. Almost. “Under 20 lbs is a better turkey”)
        2. Wash, of course. Inside and out.
        3. Pull up the skin from the breast, pour melted butter inside the skin. (Option: thyme or terragon there, under the skin, if you want.)(Yep,butter even if a basted turkey)
        4. Salt and Pepper the outside. (Crisps the skin…flavor…)
        (Option: I cut oranges and stuff them inside)
        5. Cook slowly:

        A. How much does your turkey weigh. Plan. Cook 20 minutes per lb.

        BUT. Elevation changes this. How you like to cook the turkey changes the time. (see below)

        AND. IF you have a thermometer turkey cook to 170 degrees.

        B. Covered. Lid on pan or in a turkey cooking bag or tin foil. (Bag reduces time)

        C. Place the turkey upside down in your pan. (This is optional: If you choose to cook upside down, It’s not a pretty turkey. Do you present the whole thing at the table. If you do, keep it pretty.)

        D. **** FIRST twenty minutes in a preheated 425 degrees. That is not a typo. You are sealing the turkey.

        E. ***LOWER the temp to 250 degrees. That is not a typo either. A long slow cook.

        F. The factors: If you are using a turkey bag adjust the time to 2/3 total cooking time.
        Altitude: I cook turkey in Provo…IN A BAG…the 2/3 time seems to work for my oven.
        I cook more turkey sub sea-level, every Thanksgiving…IN A BAG…I reduce the
        time …by 1 hour.

        G. The real factor: Your oven. How does your oven cook. Acurate.(These times are not convection; I do not have a convection oven.)

        H. ***Wait: Let the turkey sit for 20 minutes before you cut. It’s a paranormal expression of freedom for the spirit of the dead fowl.

        I hope this works as well for you as it has for us.
        Any other ideas out there?

  4. Pie is not as hard as it might seem. Make sure your butter, shortening and water is cold and you’ll be fine. I use the Williams-Sonoma recipe and it’s been a slam dunk every time. You can probably find it on their website or google it.

    Just remember, when adding sugar to your fruit pies: you can never, ever have too much sugar. Just my little advice.

    Also grateful for my writing community this year.


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