I am behind.

(or should that be butt?)
I vow to do my best to catch (or should that be crack?) up.

I have several days this week to kinda do what I want. No school.
This is good-ish.
I think I know what will happen in this novel.
Sort of.
Now, it just needs to be written.

So, the turkey is thawing.
Tuesday I start cooking with the girls.
Pies, rolls, desserts, side dishes, the fowl, caramel apple cider.
Yup, that’s 25 pounds.

Then water color painting with Nina,
Shanghai with all the girls,
Karaoke with guests, daughters and Mom,
Singing around the piano with the girls,
Cross-stitching Christmas ornaments,
The new exercise video,
Private morning study,
Where does the writing fit in?

That is the biggest thing I have to decide–How I will pay myself by working on this book that may actually be publishable?
(Plus I want a NaNoWriMo T-shirt.)

A hundred plus pages in
being behind
the icky middles
another idea knocking at my brain

I might want to veer away.

But I won’t.
I’m going to try and catch up.
And complete my first real NaNoWriMo.

If I don’t make it, it may be because I spent too much time with the people who mean more to me than my writing does. There is something so delicious about doing nothing but spending time with my girls.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

PS We’re taking the end of the week off, so see you next Monday!!!!

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One response to “I AM BEHIND.

  1. Denece

    Carmel Apple Cider? Is that real?
    Tempting. Pray tell.


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