Nano is almost over

And i know some of you did it (Ilima! I saw your facebook post. You’re so awesome). I’d love to hear how it went for everyone. Did you get discouraged? Did you get excited? Are you taking a break now or can you not wait to start revising? If any of you would like to share you’re experience and any advice for next year, we’d love it.

Now that all that’s over, the Christmas season is upon us and I’m sort of excited to tell you the truth. My boys and I put up the tree. We broke some ornaments. I found some awesome little houses we inherited last summer from Cam’s grandma and somehow managed to get them to light up (though Cam says I’m going to blow up the house. Am I going to blow up the house? It isn’t that bad, is it?). My kids attacked the fisher price nativity set with their toy dinosaurs (though they did leave manger alone. “Anything but the baby,” my oldest said to his little brother and I felt so proud), and we hot glued a bunch of  toys to a wreath. That’s what I call Christmas spirt.

I wonder how my writing is  going to fit in with all this chaos. I’m determined to make it happen. Even if it’s just fifteen minutes a day. Or fifty words a day. Or just some notes here and there. I’m also determined not to feel bad or guilty anymore about what I can’t and don’t get done. I want to be happy. I want to feel good in the moment that i’m in, whether it’s a writing moment, a mother moment, a watch a stupid show moment, a teacher moment, a sit on the floor and cry moment , a eat handfuls of chocolate chip moment, no matter what kind of moment it is, I’m going to embrace it. That’s my Christmas gift to myself. To be okay with it. It’s great to have goals but it’s also okay to feel good in my skin.

There are a few topics I think we should cover in the next few weeks on the blog:

1. Project writeway. Will it happen.

2. Pacing. I’ve noticed in my reading this is something worth examining. How do you know when to speed up, when to slow down, etc.

3. Dialogue. This has to do with pacing also.

4. Query letters.

5. Word choice.

6. Swearing.

7. Networking

8. Endings

9. Description

10. Tension.

Other ideas or suggestions?

That is all for today.


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9 responses to “Nano is almost over

  1. Lauren Call

    Nano was insane, and I loved it! Since I had no time to go back and make sure things were making since, my story went a little off the rails, but I like crazy. This is the first year I’ve done it, and I’m so proud that I’m going to make 50,000 words by the 30th. Oh, accomplishment, how I’ve missed you.

  2. Lauren Call

    * sense. My brain is so full of words that it’s dying.

  3. CLW

    I will NOT make the NaNo goal. I let too many things get in the way. HOWEVER, I was very inspired by Emily P. Before Thanksgiving she was WAY ahead. Like Lauren–she will make her goal. Congrats to both of you.
    Both first timers who succeeded.

  4. I finished NaNo late last night. I learned so, so much from NaNo. Here are some things I learned:

    Beginnings are fun.
    Middles SUCK.
    My crit partners and I all had our MCs going through highs and lows at the same word counts, which I found interesting as none of us had planned that.
    I can do hard things
    It’s ok to have pancakes for dinner or in-n-out
    My family is supportive of my writing…they know how to GET OUT OF THE WAY (except the four-year-old)
    Sometimes I wrote words just to write words, even though I’ll have to delete them eventually, but the point was…I kept writing
    Eleven-year-old daughters who sneak the word-count onto her USB everyday, so she could catch up, are invaluable for motivation (everyone should have a Lily. If you don’t have one, you can borrow mine. Really. She’ll read ALL your stuff)
    Oh, and the rest of the world has never heard of NaNoWriMo. *stumped*

    Also, I could not have done this without my crit partners. We sent word counts and last sentences everyday. This was immensely helpful. So a big thank you to Ilima, Taryn, Robin, and Katie.

    Also, thanks to the published writers like Carol, Chris and Ann Dee for sharing their insights and being generous with their advice and support.


    One last also, did I mention I wore a hole in the butt of my favorite jeans? Yes. Yes I did. They are my badge of honor.

  5. Kim

    Thanks for your post Ann Dee. It’s always nice to remember to give yourself permission to live today with joy wherever you’re at.

  6. Oh Ann Dee, those houses are amazing. You need to hang some tinsel on the ten-foot plug expansion, though, to really tie it all together. “Anything but the baby” is definitely proud worthy.

    Here-here, ditto and amen to EVERYTHING Emily said. A big hug, little kiss, big kiss, little hug to my CP ladies. They literally made my fingers continue to hit that keyboard when I really wanted to shove one of those fingers up nano’s….um, maybe we should cover topic #6 first?

    Nano was amazing, fun, inspiring and really REALLY sucked. Writers are crazy. But I love them and am glad for blogs like this that manage to bring all that crazy together in a pretty polka-dotted bow-tied package. With chocolate inside.

  7. Andrea

    Wow! I’m so proud of everyone who met their nano goal. I didn’t even come close; but I did come away with a renewed sense of motivation and a better understanding of why I’m doing this crazy writing thing in the first place. I’m excited to keep working toward my goal.

    Ann Dee, I loved your comments about wanting to be engaged in the moment. It’s so easy to get caught up in the urgency of checking off to-do lists and moving on to the “next thing.” I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately; and in fact, I’ve decided my one New Year’s resolution will be to just plain enjoy the moment more. My kids are going to grow up so fast, and I don’t want to look back on this time and only remember myself typing away in front of the computer. I want to remember sticky cheeks and Legos and snuggle time on the couch. And like you said, I want to feel good in my own skin, whether I meet all my goals or not. So, yeah, amen to everything you said!

    I’m looking forward to all the topics you’ll be covering in the next little while! I love this blog.

  8. Angie

    I didn’t make NaNoWriMo. An unexpected trip by my hubby to Vietnam for a week and a half seriously interfered with my writing time. I did however make my personal writing goal of 25,000. So I am proud. I also have a new appreciation for single parents who are able to do everything and still make time to do things like NaNoWriMo!

    Plus I love your entire list of topics for the blog! I can’t wait to read them.

  9. Lauren Call

    I just pulled myself across the finish line! A day early, too. 50,111 words and counting. Yahoo!


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