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Preparation for the Contest

Here are some things to do with your spare time and in preparation for a rigorous Project Writeway contest that will begin at the beginning of the new year.

1. Enter this contest.

2. Enter this contest. 

3. Reorganize your garage.

4. If you’re over 40, bless you, enter this contest.

5. If you want something for nothing, enter this contest. P.S. Is this real? Do people really win this kind of thing? If you win will you give me a million dollars? Or five thousand?

6. Eat chocolate.

7. Enter this contest. 

8. Enter this contest. 

9. Donate a stuffed animal here if you are local (utah valley) or find somewhere near you.

10. Get ten hours of sleep.

That’s about it.

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Here’s What I Learned from National Novel Writing Month

So I spent the morning writing on my NaNo book (which I didn’t finish, BTW–which is what No stands for) and on getting stuff going to Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers.

That’s right! I’ve gotten editors, an agent and a fabulous crew of authors and illustrators that are going to make next year’s conference AMAZING.

Classes will include: Boot Camp, Paranormal, Science Fiction, Writing the LDS Middle Grade or Young Adult Novel plus the classes we always have like Illustrator class, a couple of Advanced Classes, a Picture book Writing class, just to name a few.

Yup, it’s going to be a bigger conference than normal and we are excited! So mark the dates–June 18-22, 2012. There will be a block of rooms held at the Best Western Cotton Tree hotel (Sandy, UT), just so’s ya know. And we’ll be back at the amazing Waterford School, also in Sandy, UT.

Here’s What I Learned from National Novel Writing Month

1. This is fun–but hard. And I mean hard because you must be disciplined, something I am only sort of.
2. You can’t get behind. I was okay the first week and a half. Then we started having household troubles and I couldn’t stay caught up, but instead stayed on the phone trying to find a plumber and electrician and a tile guy.
3. Having a plan really does help. When I began to fall behind, I spent a Sunday afternoon thinking about my book and jotting down notes on what could happen in my book. I didn’t outline, really, but just thought where I was headed. These notes have come in handy since. And while I didn’t stick to anything specific, I’ve been happy to see where the book could go even though I haven’t followed my own rules that fully.
4. Letting your family know you’re doing this is also very good. My girls were AMAZING. They wanted me to write. They encouraged me to do so. I felt happy about that. 🙂
5. Get ahead if you can. When I spoke to Emily P on the phone, she told me she had written in advance (yes, you read that right!) so she would take Thanksgiving off. She really inspired me. If I every do NaNo again, I will try and do what Emily did. Knowing she was ahead, made me feel like I could keep trying and I ended up adding several thousand more words to my book.

So there you go, a little hindsight thing from my poor eyesight.

Now, I know for a fact that Ann Dee has some VERY cool things planned for Project QuitWritingCrapWay. And I have promised to help her.

BUT (or should that be BUTT?), we need you all to help us. You need to let your writer friends know about the upcoming writing excitement so we actually have lots of people participating. That way, when you win, you will have not been the only competitor!


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