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“The Book Job”

Here’s the Simpsons’ expose on the dirty secrets behind middle grade and YA novels.  Neil Gaiman plays himself on this hilarious, and at times painfully accurate, episode that explores the business of publishing and the business of not-writing.

Last week—depending on who you talk to—I retired, resigned, got laid off, or got fired from my high-profile blogging position with THROWING UP WORDS, Inc.  It was all Carol’s fault, well, Carol and the Fates who control the Ethernet.  It might have been Andy’s fault as well.  And Kyra’s.  And Bart Simpson’s.  And especially Lisa Simpson’s.  Neil Gaiman, fortunately, had nothing at all to do with my retirement/resignation/lay-off/firing.

The good news, for the two of you who may still actually be reading this woe-begotten blog, is that I have been reinstated to my high-profile position as a junior apprentice co-blogger for THROWING UP WORDS, Inc.  The bad news, for me, at least, is that the pay remains the same.

If I’m able to retain my position in this highly competitive, cut-throat business, I’ll probably post another blog next week.


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