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Three Things Thursday

#1. Would you play another game, sort of like NaNo, but not quite so intense with us next year after Writing Crapsalot? The reason I ask is because I think we could do something-ish similar-ish, but forming on-line critique groups as part of the play.

#2. During your next time writing, start a timer and write 30 minutes straight–without stopping. If this means you have to type “Hmmm, what’s the next thing to write about, should I have her see her boyfriend?” to keep the flow going, do. But don’t stop. Afterward, go through and take out your thoughts, and REWRITE. Yes, rewrite immediately after. How may words did you get? How many were usable words?

#3. We’re coming up on the New Year. Start thinking NOW what your goals will be next year. Let’s talk about your writing goals for a moment.

a. Make sure you can control the goals you set. You cannot make an agent take you on as a client. You can submit to three agents.

b. Set word count goals that make you stretch. Maybe, this year, you started writing 1000 good words a day. You decide to up that goal. Going to 5,000 good words a day (like what Ann Dee can do) may be too much. Rather than setting yourself up for failure, lower your expectations. There’s nothing like falling behind by day two. But, if you raised your number to 1500 and then achieved 5,000 words, you are ahead of the game.

c. This new year, before the year starts, buy a writing notebook to keep a history of your work in. This log (a simple notebook will do) will become your journal to your writing habits. Keep dates you write, how it went in the writing world today, how you feel about your book and word count.

PS I didn’t finish NaNo but I worked hard. Do we want to do a luncheon get-together? Let us know.


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