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Three Things Thursday:

1. YA Novel Contest that is due today!!!!!! The best part is your novel DOES NOT NEED TO BE FINISHED!!! That means everyone could go for it.  This is what you have to get done by midnight tonight (Pacific):

A ONE-PAGE COVER LETTER that provides us with a synopsis of your novel, your bio, and the following information:

1) Your name.
2) Your primary email address.
3) Your mailing address.
4) Your telephone number.
5) PayPal transaction # for your entry fee.
6) A photo of you.
7) Your age (must be 18 or over to enter).

AN EXCERPT of no more than 2,000 words, which is about ten pages of double-spaced text.  We strongly suggest that these be the opening pages of your novel.

The winner gets a reading by an agent and three editors. DO IT! WHY NOT! I think that’s enough caps and exclamations for one post.

2. I made chocolate chip pancakes for the first time today. I’ve never even eaten chocolate chip pancakes. I felt guilty and wondered if something like this might happen. Oh well. I’ll make them run around the house fifty times. I’ll run around 100 times (no I won’t).

3. And also, Ms. Ally Condie, former blogger here and wonderful friend and writer is signing with a bunch of other wonderful friends and writers at the Orem Library on Saturday. Go and get some Christmas presents and support local writers.

And finally, who wants to clean my house?


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