Today is my birthday. My four year old has it all planned out. Me, him, the three year old and the baby are doing the following things (not necessarily in order):

1. Visiting Chuck E. Cheese.*

2. Going bowling.

3. Eating a cake that is purple and looks like something I like, like maybe a raccoon.

4. Eating ice cream.

5. Going to the dinosaur museum.

6. Eating another cake that could be a tiger or a shark.

7. Watching How to Train Your Dragon.

8. Going to Pirate Island (even though it burned down).

9. Going to Provo Beach for more bowling.

10. Buying candy at the candy counter at BYU

11. Eating at a restaurant like old McDonald

12. And anything else I want to do.

You are invited.

I told Cam that all I wanted for my birthday and Christmas was to finish a book. I emailed the request to him and I even wrote that it would make me “shine” inside. After I sent it I thought, why did I write that? Shine inside? So cheesy.

But, it would be nice.

And I might shine.

I also might not shine.

In any case, if I wanted to finish a book today or in the next few days, I’d need to be by myself, in a room for a lot of hours. This would be nice. It would also be not nice. I have the hardest time figuring out how to manage three beautiful loud chuckthingsatme boys, a wonderful husband, a house, parents, exercising, living, and then of course writing. I know some women do it and do it well. Me? Not so much.

Maybe tomorrow/today I will finish a book. A picture book about how it’s not a good idea to eat three lofthouse cookies in a row. Or maybe I’ll get closer to finishing a novel. Or develop the idea I’ve been mulling around for the past few weeks. Or maybe I won’t. And I think I’ll be okay because look at all the other wonderful birthday things I get to do. Come with us to Chuck E. Cheese. You know you want to.

*What does the E stand for? Anyone?



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9 responses to “Today

  1. Happy Birthday Ann Dee!!!

    I asked my husband to design a book cover for me for my birthday (last week). We worked on it together. It was yet another thing to distract me from actually writing (like the blasted internets). But that’s okay ’cause we did it together and had fun (so it was worth it, right?).

    And I assure you I NEVER use parentheses in my writing (only in blog posts and comments like this one to annoy the heck out of people (I promise)). Wow, I just did a parentheses within a parentheses.

    I think the E stands for “Edward” because all things in this world can be traced back to Twilight. 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday! I hope it was wonderful. You deserve it.

  3. Denece

    Happy Birthday

  4. Carol

    Ann Dee- I know girls who will babysit for your boys as a birthday gift.
    You should let them.
    Let me know.

  5. Happy Birthday Ann Dee. I think my favorite thing on your list is getting candy at the BYU bookstore. Don’t they have chocolate covered cinnamon bears? That would be my birthday wish. A bag full of chocolate cinnamon bears I could eat all by myself.

    Also, anytime you have a purple cake life’s good.

  6. Andrea

    Wow, you’re going to be a busy girl today. I hope you at least get to eat the ice cream. And eat the purple raccoon cake.

    Happy Birthday!

  7. Chris Crowe

    Happy birthday, Andy! I hope you’ll have a great time at Chuck E Cheese. Here’s the answer to your question; consider it my birthday gift to you:

  8. Happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day doing all of the things you mentioned, which I just KNOW are your most favorite things to do. 🙂


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