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Project Writeway . . .

On Monday everyone will be posting goals.

On Tuesday, Project Writeway will begin. This competition is similar to Project Runway (one of my favorite reality shows) except our competition will be more professional and the prize will be much more fantabulous (hahahahhahahahahah).

It will go like this: the first week will be a first line contest. Turn in your best first line ever. I’ll post the email address that you’ll send it to and then I’ll post them all together on Wednesday or Thursday–we’re still getting the timeline worked out. We want a lot of entries for this so tell your friends. By the end of the week, we’ll have guest judges pick the top twelve first lines. This will be anonymous so with your entry you’ll need a pen name (so fun).

The top twelve will be our contestants on Project Writeway. Each week we’ll have a different challenge. I’ll post the entries on the blog and they will be judged based on both a popular vote (people can send in emails telling us their favorites) and the guest judges vote.

Week by week, we’ll get smaller and smaller and eventually we’ll have a winner! The winner will get some signed books (details soon) AND a ten page critique from a New York Fabulous agent!!! This is a great opportunity to get your work in the hands of a mover and shaker, people!

The competition will only work if we get entries and if we get people voting. If we don’t get enough people doing it, we’ll have BLAH cancel the whole thing. So please please please tell all your writer friends to polish those first lines and get ready to enter next week. We’ll have more specific details next week. All you need to know now is this:

1. First line.

2. Tell your friends.

3. You could win big.

4. Starts next week.

5. You can do this!

I think that’s all. I’m off to try to make dragon birthday decorations. December is a big month for us.

SPREAD THE WORD and let us know if you have questions.


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