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Three Things Thursday

Have you seen this?
I loved it.
This boy died on Christmas day, but if you have a few minutes, read what he says here:


Are your writing goals complete?

Have you decided how you are going to move into 2012 as a writer?
Are your goals attainable? Are you in control of them?
Even if the world’s going to end this year, well, we need to be working on something amazing before it’s all over, don’t you think?

Here are the people coming to Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers this year. I asked Chris Crowe to teach–y’all cheer him on so her can teach on 2013 . . .IF . . .

Introduction to Writing–AE Cannon
Picture Book–Trudy Harris
Illustration–Julie Olson
Middle Grade– Time Wynne-Jones
Intro to YA Novel–Kimberly Hueston
Advanced–Carol Lynch Williams
Advanced–Greg Leitich Smith
Science Fiction–Mette Ivie Harrison
Fantasy–Matt Kirby
Paranormal–Cynthia Leitich Smith
Writing the LDS Middle Grade and Young Adult Novel–Kirk Shaw
Boot Camp–Ann Dee Ellis
John Cusick, agent with the Scott Treime NY
And two almost confirmed editors (we’ll know soon)

REGISTRATION starts the middle-ish of next month

I tell you all this as a warning for next week. I read something that simply blew my mind on Facebook– a woman who needs no classes, no teaching, nothing–she’s an accomplished author all on her own. And yes, I found her books on Amazon. And yes, I read a bit, and yes, she needs help. BAD.
But more on that later.

But here’s a for sure–
Happy New Year!!!!


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