For Kyra!

Been reading Kyra’s novel again (she complained until I started it) and she’s got something here, I think.

I am currently watching a movie called Party Animal.
Netflix knows where to find all the ghetto/violent/gnar/badass movies.

This one is about a buncha gay boys with a horrible, horrible drug/party problem. It’s pretty good. It has a pretty good soundtrack. Techno beats. And such.

So anyway.

We will have a brand new year on Sunday. What are some of your goals? Writing . . . money . . . clothes?

I think I just have a few {as far as writing goes}:

-Finish my newest novel.

-Find an agent.

-Make some money with my writing. . .if at all possible. haha

And I think that is all. My life goal list for 2012 is pretty much endless. Like, getting a real job. Which I need horribly.

Anyone know of any places hiring??

Okay, and also. What is everyone doing for New Year’s? Any big parties? Eric’s throwing one. But I think it’ll be pretty chill. I think I want to dress as a Transvestite. {Is that how it’s spelled?} It would make the night much more interesting!

okok. I’m done now. I will see you all NEXT YEAR!! woooo weeee

NOTE FROM MOM–Well, I appreciate the invite from Eric for the New Year party. Mom, me and Carolina will look good sitting in the corner until midnight.
I can dance like nobody’s business when it starts to get late.
As Kyra says, Woooo weeee!

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