That is what my sleeping boyfriend just said to me before I left. I said “What should I title my blog post today?” and he said “I don’t know title’s are the worst thing. . .in the world.”

I don’t know if that’s true.

Although. . .I’m not even sure about the title of my own novel. I’m sure it’s pretty awful since I’ve changed it over and over and over and so on.

What are some of the titles to YOUR books?
I can think of a few great ones off the top of my head.

Sitting Next to Jesus.
Sadly though, that title has been changed to Waiting. Which is. . .fine I guess. But it doesn’t really have that ring to it. All offensive and what not.

I do like offensive titles. Maybe I couldn’t name my newest novel “Giant Beyotch”……. Is that offensive enough for you? Notreally.
Anyway. . .

Other titles that I kind of like are :

Where the Wild Things Are. {I have suddenly forgotten which words I should and should not capitalize…}
A Glimpse is All I Can Stand {Which was also changed to Glimpse. Which is still pretty alright. Good job, Mom!}
Twilight. {just kidding}

Okay so it’s really late and I can’t think of anymore great ones. Except The Zombie Survival Guide because I’m reading it and Black Juice because I dunno. . .I’ve been on a huge juice binge lately.

In other writing news. . . .

I need free books. I feel like my reading has been sucked dry because I work and sleep so much. It’s very depressing.
And another thing I was thinking about?
Actually. . .it’s something I’m going to talk about next week. It’s something I learned from reading On Writing by the King. He is. . .the KING!!

okok. I’m alllll done now. I’ll see you all on the flippy floppy.


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3 responses to “Title’sAreTheWorstThing….InTheWorld

  1. Titles are hard. I still don’t have one for one of my books. However, my second book’s title came first. It’s brilliant and I built the entire book around the title. Problem is? I don’t know if the book’s as brilliant as the title. Pretty sure it’s not.

    So, yeah. Titles are the worst thing.

  2. Carol

    I hate titles.
    But I think your title is a good one.
    I have an ache behind my eye. And down my face and into my neck and shoulder.
    And I hate titles.

    PS Send me your goals.

  3. I have a hard time with titles. But sometimes I have REALLY good ones pop into my head. Too bad I don’t write them down or send myself a text or something so I can remember them.

    Miss you, Kyra Leigh.


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