Four More Days!!

Only four more days to post your entry to the Project Writeway contest. We’ll close the contest on Friday at midnight and then (and this is a change from what was posted before–an oversight), all the entries will be posted with pen names on this blog on Monday, the 23rd. That week the voting will begin. By the end of the week, Friday, we’ll announce the official contestants in the contest.


1. This is fun.

2. Don’t be scared.

3. This is for fun.

4. If you get eliminated, KEEP DOING THE CHALLENGES. We are going to have an “at home” winner who will also win a professional critique! It’s an awesome prize.

5. Four more days.

6. Email your entries to

7. My three year old stole a lindt ball (not to be confused with lint ball) from a local grocery store.

8. Tell your friends to enter too.

9. The first challenge is 150 first words of a middle grade or young adult novel.

10. My three year old thought he was going to go to jail.

11. We already have some awesome entries.

12. I like pecans and dates. I even made these. When I was fourteen, I would have barfed if someone gave me pecans and dates. Think like a fourteen year old for this contest.

13. You can only enter once.

14. Don’t forget to include your pen name.

15. My three year old almost went to jail like this lady.

16. There will be more prizes than just the grand prize and the “at home” prize.

17. I am scared of seaweed.

18. Make sure to have some pals read over your entry.

19. I never win anything.

20. I can’t wait for this thing to get a going!

I think that’s all. Holding my breath for more fabulous submissions SO HURRY! Love and kisses.

Ann Dee


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4 responses to “Four More Days!!

  1. I’m really excited! Glad we are starting next week since I will be out of town for the rest of this one. I can’t wait to read the entries!

  2. Estee

    Did you read about that kid that got banned from Safeway for stealing . . . just saying.

  3. Is it the first 150 words, or any 150 words?


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