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Three Thing Thursday

Because Project Runway/Writeway is in our near future, today is the fashion edition of Three Things Thursday.

1. Very soon, you may not be able to venture out in public wearing your jammies.  I know this will be devastating for many of you. For others, I’m sure this is a huge relief. You’ve had to suffer so long watching people at Walmart and other public places flaunt their Sponge Bob footie pajamas. One question: How will this new almost legislation that will never happen change your life? How would it change your MCs life?

2. Have ever wanted a bikini made of fur? Do you only feel comfortable pants made of garbage sacks? Does the “unconventional challenge” on our favorite reality TV show give you goose bumps? Then this is the blog for you. When I was in high school, I had a friend named Spam who made shoes with duct tape. He wore them all year. I also had a boyfriend named Tristan who cut a hole in a recliner and put it on top of his toilet. We won’t talk about that. What unconventional fashion choice would your MC make? What about their friends? Their mom? What unconventional fashion choice should you make during your writing sessions that would invite the writing gods? A helmet made of paper clips? Mini-skirt fashioned out of post-it notes. Try something different today.

3. The Golden Globes just happened and they’ve put up the worst dressed list.  I was thinking, what if there was a worst dressed list for writers. This would be a really nice thing someone should start up. It’s very productive and makes people feel good. I would like to now post my prom picture but I can’t get it to work so instead you can find it here.  I think it was a really good dress except it was too low in the front and there were six other girls who had the same dress and all of them had made a modesty thing across their chest but why would I do that? Hello. So I was famous for my low cut classy black and white justlikeveryoneelseintheworld dress. If we had a writer prom, what would you wear? What would your MC wear to his/her prom? Find some pictures. Let us see!

Happy Fashion Thursday everyone! Remember, tomorrow is the last day to get your writeway on.


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