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To Printz or Prance?

I woke up late again because I took some sleeping pills.
They still didn’t work because the boy who moved into my room next door still woke me up this morning.

The Printz award is next Monday. As I’n sure all of you know.
I am interested in hearing your predictions. I have mine but I don’t think I should post them. The only one I’ll say is Shine. Is that even what it’s called? The one that got ripped off for the nba. That one. And to be honest I’ve never read it. I think that they will maybe do a political move and give it to her to be like ‘that other award is stupid. Here take this honor. Do you feel better?’ and hopefully she will feel better cuz, man, can you imagine if something like that happened to you? I would probably never leave my house again. Not that I ever really leave anyway … But you know what I mean.

So what are your predictions ? I haven’t read enough to even have an idea because, well, I don’t read enough these days. Even with a library card I don’t read.

Did everyone hear that an ARC of mom’s book Waiting was sent to her? And it even comes out on my birthday!! I think that is good news.

Things to come later in the months:
I will start doing interviews again.
I’ll start reviewing books again (which means I’ll actually start reading)
I’ll stop flaking on the blog!!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend.

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