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Just as Good: How Larry Doby Changed America’s Game

Today is the official release day for

Just as Good: How Larry Doby Changed America’s Game

by Mr. Chris Crowe

We are very excited. Are you excited?

Here are some reviews:

A straightforward but nonetheless inspirational story of barriers being broken down, one slow step at a time.
—Publishers Weekly

Crowe’s story captures a slice of baseball life for a family enjoying the old-time radio play-by-play and seeing in Doby’s accomplishments a sign of better times to come. Benny’s full-page acrylic paintings are cheery and portray a comfortable home setting… A fine story about baseball that makes its point quietly and effectively.
—Kirkus Reviews

Copies are available all over the world. Hopefully tomorrow in his post, Chris will tell us more about the book and how it feels to launch the same week as Project Writeway  (such an honor–ha ha ha). In the meantime, go get a copy for you and your friends. Happy Release Day, Chris!


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Voting Begins!

Okay. You can now vote. Click on Project Writeway Results in the header and vote for your top six entries. We realize half of the pen names are in gray, half in white. This is a glitch. Don’t be alarmed or sad.

Also, you don’t have to vote today . . . in fact, you can wait until Thursday. Your choice. Just keep in mind you can only vote once for up to six entries so make it count.

Also also, Happy Chinese New Year!

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