And. Here. They. Are!

Ann Dee, Kyra and I have been amazed by the work that came into the Project Writeway contest. So amazed, in fact, that– here’s the truth of it–we had the hardest time picking winners.

Before I tell you who won, let me just say this–Writers–the work was quite good. All of you can be proud that you entered in the first place (I think entering a contest is scary–especially one that’s so visible), and the fact that your beginnings were so terrific. Thank you for playing. We hope you’ve had fun.

In no particular order here are the top 14 winners. That’s right! 14! We told you we had a hard time choosing! (Drumroll please!)

Amelia Blanchard
Isla Lynn
Darcy Wren Wilder
Sylver Cloud
Cherry Frost
Ima C. Krette
Sonja Thomas
Mosso Menos
Ophelia Faire
Nicole Shanti

Just so’s ya know, this week’s winners were chosen by a 50 % popular vote and a 50 % judges vote.
And just so’s ya know a bit more–because we have 14 players instead of 12, well, that means we will have a double elimination at some point so that we play just for the 12 weeks.

Now, this is IMPORTANT–Even if you DON’T see your name on this list, continue to play. There WILL be an at home winner who also gets a critique by an agent. PLUS we have books to give away and other prizes. But you can’t win if you don’t keep playing! This goes for ALL of you–even if you are eliminated from the MAIN contest, go to the Play at Home part of the game and keep playing. Don’t quit! This contest should help you improve your writing. One contestant has already contacted me saying how she’s learned from the work that was posted and how she thinks she can improve her own writing.

EXTRA EXTRA! Here’s the next writing contest for everyone. TOP 14–et all– Using these words, write a 200 word (or less) scene: jam, plant, squirt, bulldozer, cookies, simplicity. Here’s the twist–someone in the scene has to get slapped. This scene does not need to relate to your novel.

We have new rules! This time, don’t tell ANYONE what you wrote or what your pen name is. We want this to be a REAL blind vote. You may not vote for yourself. You may vote for your top three (3) in the two categories–the Project Writeway Top 14 and three (3) for the At Home players! Here’s another twist, change your handle. Yup! We want you to change your pen name. WARNING–if you don’t use a pen name, you’ll be disqualified!

This contest is a quickie! Deadline is 10 a.m. Tuesday. That’s tomorrow morning. Mail your entries to Late entries will be disqualified. It’s IMPERATIVE that you put Top 14 OR Play at Home in the subject line. Voting closes Thursday evening at 5 pm and the winners are announced on Monday.

This is so exciting I can hardly stand it. 🙂 Good luck!



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14 responses to “And. Here. They. Are!

  1. Can we use versions of the word, like squirted or squirting, etc.?

  2. Julie Hughes

    I’m surprised only two of my top six made it.

  3. Sonja

    I have the same question as ilima. Can we use variations of the required words, and do they have to be exactly as given? Thanks!

  4. Amy

    Three of my top choices made it.

    I think I diverged from the final 14 when I focused on the first line only–and when I eliminated those that had me asking the wrong kinds questions. In retrospect, maybe I was too critical.

    • CLW

      Well, I think we have to remember that we don’t all like the same thing. I didn’t agree with all of Kyra’s Ann Dee’s or the popular vote. We all read differently. And we all like different stuff.

  5. Congratulations, winners! Best of luck with the next phase!

  6. rbs

    I didn’t tell anyone what I wrote, nor did I share my pen name. I wanted to be “voted” in by merit, not popularity. BUT I am excited to change my pen name!

    Let me make sure I understand the rules: As an at-home competitor, I send in my entry via MY email and sign it with my new pen name. Right? OR shall I create a new email address using the new pen name???? Hm? That sounds fun. I might just do that. =)

    • CLW

      Renae, I failed to say that we had many many many people who were very close to qualifying. There were the few that pulled ahead for me, but mostly people very close together–different style-wise, but very good.

      In fact, there was only one out of more than 60 pieces that I just said, “Nope. Not for me.”

  7. Andrea

    Congrats to all the winners!


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