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Voting polls are up . . .

Go to the entries in the header. The polls are at the bottom. Remember, you can vote for your top three in each category. Have fun!

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Entries are up . . .

Look in the header for the entries.  Please check and make sure yours is there and everything is as it should be. I’m not going to put up the voting polls until this evening because I want to make sure the entries are correct. So please email me (throwingupwords@gmail.com) if you are missing or if I wrote the wrong pen name or if you want to send me lots of chocolate milk.

As you read, look for the following things:

1. Do they follow the rules? Remember, here’s the prompt.

Using these words, write a 200 word (or less) scene: jam, plant, squirt, bulldozer, cookies, simplicity. Here’s the twist–someone in the scene has to get slapped. This scene does not need to relate to your novel.

2. Do the required words work into the scene well? Do they stick out?

3. Do you connect to the characters?

4. Do you want to keep reading?

5. Did you laugh?

6. Were you surprised?

7. Which entry stayed with you after you were done reading.

You get to pick your top three in both the 14 category and the at-home category. Voting closes on Thursday so you have plenty of time. Remember, if there are any problems or omissions, please email me.

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