Paranormal Haiku and

Some important things to keep in mind:

1.Chris Crowe is going to be the presiding judge on this week of the competition. He is an authority on haiku, specifically zombie haiku.  He is also scared of vampires and is currently writing a pirate book. So if that helps, you’re welcome.

2. Here is wikipedia’s  definition of paranormal: “anything that is beyond or contrary to what is deemed scientifically possible.[10] The definition implies that the scientific explanation of the world around us is the ‘normal’ part of the word and ‘para’ makes up the above, beyond, beside, contrary, or against part of the meaning.” So basically, Bigfoot, werewolves, UFOs, zombies, pixies, earwax, anything is fair game.

3. Haiku: for our purposes, 5-7-5. Here’s some haiku help if you’re feeling empty.

4. Make it fun. Take your time. Write a hundred and pick your favorites. Or be meticulous and just to write two. Think about your process. Being specific about diction, listening to the sounds of the words, examining how the phrases play together,  these are all things that will make you a better writer. Our sentences, our paragraphs, and our chapters are, after all, songs on the page. Today you get to work hard for your words. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

5. Remember the deadline for both at home and top 13 is five tomorrow. Email entries to and don’t forget your new pen name.

I think that’s all. Do you have any questions?



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4 responses to “Paranormal Haiku and

  1. Sonja

    I just want to make sure that you don’t have to enter two poems. Just one good one is fine, right? Thanks!

  2. Is That You, Mo-Dean

    Not in the Official or Play@Home groups, but still wanted to play. 🙂

    Monster of the week
    Conspiracies surround me
    I want to believe

  3. I thought it had to be in TODAY… grrrrrrr. I guess I didn’t enlarge the screen enough. It was all small print. Sigh.


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