Week Two –Another Elimination and

Another Winner!

This week’s winner is

Serendipity Jones!

When Grandma fell in love, she gave Grandpa strawberry jam. When Mom fell in love, she baked Dad oatmeal cookies. Now I’m in love, and I’m lying in front of a muddy bulldozer. I’m not sure this is a step forward.
The bulldozer driver comes and stares at me. The longer he stares, the more the drying mud itches.
He says, “Hey, Squirt. Parents know you’re here?”
I shake my head, which is a bad idea, in mud. “No. And don’t call me ‘squirt’.”
He nods. “You wanna tell me what you’re doing?”
I take a deep breath. “Simplicity itself. I’m showing my undying love and affection for Rudy.”
He stares at me again. “By lying in the mud.”
“By protecting an ecosystem. Rudy believes in protecting ecosystems.”
He looks around. “Ecosystem? These plants are just weeds.”
I smile. “Teacher says many indigenous organisms thrive in this ecosystem.
He shakes his head. “You’re what—eight? Nine?”
“I’m eleven and a half. And in love.”
He stands still. The mud dries. I itch. He hauls me up and slaps my shoulder. “Try again in ten years.”
I check on the cookies and jam stashed with my bike. Time for Plan B.

Let’s talk a moment about what works in Serendipity’s piece– the things that are right.
It’s funny.
It’s unusual
and there’s a great voice here.
Not only that, but our writer made good use of the words we had you use. They feel natural to the story–not forced.

And who is this anonymous writer? (cue Star Wars musice here) Monelle Smith
and this week she wins
Now, Monelle, still work hard on next week’s challenge. No unfinished hems or poor construction (wink wink!). Write just as hard as ever.

Our lowest scorer this week is Razzle Dazzle. RD, please slip on over to the Play at Home side of things and don’t quit. Voting was VERY close.

Here’s how voting works:

*Right now, while we have so many entrants in the main contest Ann Dee, Kyra, Chris and I are the main judges (to get to know a bit more about us, please read our bios above).
*When we get a few less entrants we’ll have several guest judges who’ll work with us.
*Remember that there is a popular vote going on at the same time and that plays heavily into scoring.

Play at Home people–no winner will be announced until the very end of the contest–but there will be weekly drawings–on FRIDAYS–for prizes. At the end of Project Writeway that person who stayed in the top spot the most often, will be the winner.

So are you ready for


Paranormal Haiku.
You know what a haiku is, right? Now paranormal it up!
You may enter two poems, but just like in The Next Iron Chef, having two entries may make you lose, so choose wisely. Send both haiku in at the same time.
And please, take your time. This may seem easy, but if you whip something out with little thought and send it, and someone else spends time writing the best haiku possible, you’ll lose.

You have until 5 pm tomorrow night (that’s Tuesday!). Play at Homers should keep going–we’ll have a weekly drawing and you can only win if you’re playing–and that includes the final agent critique.

Don’t forget new pen names. Don’t tell anyone what you’ve written OR your pen name until voting closes. We want people to vote on your writing strength.
Voting will start Wednesday morning and close at midnight on Thursday.

So there you go! Happy Writing! We’re excited!


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18 responses to “Week Two –Another Elimination and

  1. This is very exciting. I hope one of the guest judges is Heidi Klum. Maybe? I’m amazed at the quality of writing from the winners and the stay at homers. This is almost as exciting as watching it on TV.

    Also, might we have a Tim Gunn? Who’s going to go around like a fairy god-mother and tell us what works? Just saying.

    • CLW

      I love Tim Gunn.
      Wouldn’t that be amazing if he wanted to help us?
      And also, I fairy-god-mothered a bit. Said what was good with Monelle’s!

  2. I have a question about the haiku–how strict are you going to be about form? I’ve been reading about haiku, that we tend to think of it as a 5-7-5 syllable pattern, but that most Japanese haiku are actually shorter than that and even in English haiku often range from 10-17 syllables.

  3. Congratulations, Monelle!

  4. Monelle Smith

    Thanks! I got so much energy from reading this post that I cleaned the whole laundry room out. So TWO rare and wonderful things happened today!

  5. Juliette

    Way to go, Monelle!

    I agree with Emily. This is really, really fun!

    So do we need to change our pen name for every challenge?

  6. Do we include a title with our haiku? So the readers know what it is. Or is it supposed to be a riddle? Or is that up to us?

  7. Choosing a new name every week is almost as fun as the writing itself.

  8. Sonja

    when you say due 5pm Tuesday, what time zone? thanks!

  9. Emily

    are we using a narrow or broad sense of paranormal? [narrow being something like restriced to ghosts and aliens and broad including more things like bigfoot]


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