Valentines . . . show your love

A few things:

1. This week’s challenge is a hard one. I am excited to see what everyone comes up with. I am hoping for some romance because it is the week of love, after all.

2. Last week’s paranormal haikus were awesome. Hilarious. Clever. Deep–so so deep. I could hardly sleep. Garlic bread and UFOs running around in my head.

3.We’ve been meaning to tell everyone to feel free to comment about the different entries. We have the voting each week but I know it can be pretty agonizing (and frustrating) to not get any feedback on your writing. We would love to comment on every single poem, scene, etc. but we can’t for obvious reasons. That doesn’t mean you can’t. If you like an  entry, let the author know. What do you like about it? Why did you vote for it? What surprised you? What questions did you have when you read it? Our biggest goal for this blog and this contest is to create a community of writers. A place where you can play around and get ideas and push yourself. Please please please don’t hesitate to cheer each other on.

4. We hope you all have a loving and fabulous Valentines day.




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2 responses to “Valentines . . . show your love

  1. Well, since you gave me permission: I loved the Rossetti haiku. Partly because I felt have actually read Goblin Market, so I got the cleverness. That doesn’t often happen. Plus the haiku were both just so good. Now I feel smug because she won. And I don’t usually vote for winners. Making this whole experience sort of paranormal. 🙂

  2. Kim Woodruff

    I loved Renga Master (Haiku as hilarious personal ad) and Azalea Thrumpet (salesman as inhuman beings). So funny. And on the Play at Home side, I loved Nutmeg, Flo Tinaway, and Reyn Fairly. I am still laughing about that in-law joke.


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