Three Thing Thursday

#1: Is it just me or are these things a little creepy? I think we should all chip in and get one for Chris.

#2: Voting is up. Check out Project Writeway in the header. Please remember voting closes MIDNIGHT on FRIDAY. You can vote for your TOP THREE one last time.

#3: Remember, the scene must be historical. Look for the same things: Do you connect to the characters? Do you feel tension? Do you want to keep reading?

P.S. Maurice Sendak hands out very important advice on childrens literature.


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6 responses to “Three Thing Thursday

  1. Yes, you’re right Anndee, Chris totally needs one of those.

  2. Amy

    Hey AnnDee-totally off topic-I hear you are also a puppet officianado! Or at least might happen to like puppets almost near as much as I do 😉 AWESOME! We have to talk sometime . . .

  3. CLW

    He needs two so he can roll over and not fall off the dog.

  4. Wait, save your money to buy me something else; I already have one of those bed sets.

    And the Sendak interviews on Colbert are hilarious, and a little off-color.

  5. rbs

    Chris, I asked Elizabeth Eckford about her experiences with Thurgood Marshall, and she said he was a “sassypants” – or something like that – and that she had a crush on him.


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