Three Thing Thursday

Hello Lovelies.

Today is Thursday. It is also the day I am going on an adventure with my small children which could include multiple hours in the car. This is very exciting for me since, as many of you know, I usually don’t venture away from my yard. Also exciting is the new entries posted in the header for Project Writeway Season 1 Episode 5!

In celebration, here are three things:

1. Contest stuff: Read each entry carefully. Is it a true middle grade voice? Or does it sound like an adult trying to come off as a 8-12 year old? Do you see a conflict right away? What does the MC want? What are they like? What do they care about? Who are they? Now you may be wondering, can you get all that from such short passages. This is something we can talk about.  I think that yes, yes you can get all that from even shorter passages. Every sentence you write (heck, every word you write) should contribute to the reader’s knowledge of the MC and the conflict. Remember you must vote by midnight on friday. You only can vote for two in each category. And you must give me lots of candy. 

2. Many people are giving up things at this time of year. Sara Zarr, a good friend and wonderful writer, is always vocal about her experiences with this season. While I have never observed Lent, I have been thinking that it would be smart for me to be more deliberate in my choices for many reasons. Sacrificing something that is taking away from the things that matter most (my family, my writing, etc.) would be a good thing. So for the next little while I’m going to try to limit my internet use to email, possibly recipes if I’m desperate around dinner time, and maybe one other site of my choosing (not the following: facebook, hulu (can I do this?), msnbc,, all sad and horrific news stories, apartment therapy, etc. etc.)). I’m going to start with one day. And then I’m going to do it the next day. I’ll see what happens from there. Are there things/habits/websites that suck you away from writing (I know Chris already wrote about this a couple of weeks ago). Do you want to join me in my quest? Even for a day?

3. WIFYR registration is open! I am teaching boot camp and you guys, it’s going to be cray cray. I have been preparing and planning and preparing. My class requires each student to turn in 55 pages of writing (55 PAGES people! I am so excited), a synopsis, and a query letter. We are really going to dig into each other’s manuscripts. We’re also going to do some prep reading in the months before the conference. If any of you want to party, come to my class. The other classes will be fun too, I’m sure. But not, as I mentioned, as cray cray. It is boot camp afterall.

Okay. That’s all. Kissing.



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3 responses to “Three Thing Thursday

  1. Daisy

    How do we get invited to the advanced workshops? When do invitations go out, or have they already gone?

  2. CLW

    Ann Dee– I will send you all the terrible story links . . . Don’t worry.


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