Kyra here!

It’s Friday again. I actually DID write something for last week but for some reason it didn’t get posted.
I’m sorry about that. Things would be easier if I had a MacBook instead of a trendy {and very annoying} iPhone.
So I will blend last weeks post and this weeks post together in a blender for your viewing pleasure.

Last Thursday I got to eat lunch with famous writer Emily Wing Smith. Can I say that she is very very cool?! I think I am going to ask her for an interview … Maybe she will say yes. Emily, if you’re reading…. would you be up for an interview?

The WIFYR conference is now live. So that means you can sign up.
This is going to be the best year yet, so don’t miss out!
Have you checked out the website? It’s so nice. And easy to use. So you should sign up! (i will try and say this ten more times before i’m through) And then we can all hangout and make a study group.
Can you imagine how fun it would be taking a class taught by my MOM?!? {or one of the many other AMAZING authors that we are also bringing out?}
I really wish I could take all the classes and cram that very useful information into my brain.

Speaking if brains… How is everyone’s writing coming along? I’m happy to share that finally, after months of re-writing, I am really starting to feel good about my novel. Its a Christmas miracle!
I am so book crazed right now. I really need to get my new library card and start reviewing some of the new books that have been coming out.
I plan to do a review of WAITING in a few weeks. I read it on my trip with Eric and his family. I will share one thing about the book right now and that is this……
I had to try and hide my misty eyes from the car full of Indians. Which basically means, it’s very sad, and very beautiful. {more to come later}

Well I am very exhausted and need to rewrite a couple more pages and then beat a couple more levels of Bejeweled { my latest distraction}

Everyone have a great weekend.

PS. Don’t forget to sign up for the conference!!!

PPS. Did I mention how signing up for the conference will be the best thing you do all summer pretty much ?!

PMS. I can feel this blog post getting very carsalesmanish.

PISS. I will now stop.



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2 responses to “Kyra here!

  1. Kyra, did you know you’re the best part about my Fridays? And Fridays are already very good in general. Just wanted you to know. I love reading your posts.

    Also, signed up for the conference and can’t wait to see everyone again.


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