Daily Archives: March 2, 2012

It’s Friday

and also a new month. How can it be time to pay rent…again?!
Blah anyway.
Did anyone see the Academy Awards last Sunday ?
It’s pretty much the longest most boring award ceremony ever except for the last fifteen minutes where we find out best actor, actress, and film.
I’m always so disappointed with the winner.
And this year was no different.
But I did notice something …..
A lot of the nominees were movies that were once novels.
The Help.
Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.
I know there’s another but I can’t remember.
But dude. How did those authors feel about that ? How would YOU feel about that?
There are so many movies these days that were once great books. It feels like its happening more and more.
Some of my favorites.
Fight Club.
Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. (pretty much the best movie ever. Like ever.)
Tenderness (awful movie but amazing book)
The Hunger Games.
So on and so forth.

Do you guys think that people are running out of ideas and now have to steal some amazing ones from the authors?!
I do.
Which is why one day, writers will take over the world.
Just kidding.
But seriously.

Anyway. Has everyone signed up for the conference yet? This is just a friendly reminder so you guys can learn the stuff to write the novel that will one day be an academy award winner! Haha

Have a great weekend.


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