Three Things Thursday

1. We will miss the faded Chris Crowe.
Time really does feel fleeting.
There is only so much and we must give that time to what is important to us.

2. There are changes coming for the blog.
It’s hard to keep a blog going five days a week when you have to write novels and teach other people (whom you love) to write and be a mom and run a house and conferences and all that, just as Chris said.
I am lucky I get to work with Ann Dee on this blog.
She’s great.
And funny.
And I admire her.
A lot.
I love all her boys (and they love her) and I feel super-happy and blessed to know Ann Dee Ellis.
we will be looking at down-sizing a bit after our Project Writeway winner has been proclaimed and admired fully.

3. Today we want you to imagine of the most amazing two-day conference.
What would it be like?
What would you want to learn?
IF PUBLISHING ISN’T THE MOST IMPORTANT THING, and it shouldn’t be, how would you design YOUR conference?
Please share.

Now, I am off to work!
And pack.
Anyone close have boxes?
Let me know!



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10 responses to “Three Things Thursday

  1. The perfect two day conference….hmmm…..Well, there would be snacks. Yep. Definitely some munchies.

    And there would be Carol and Ann Dee 🙂

    Oh, oh, oh….and there would definitely be a song from Carol. (Am I asking too much? I say No!)

    What else…

    Alright, I’d like to come away feeling inspired. And that this crazy dream of mine is achievable. I’d like to have ideas click in my brain. Like….ugh!…finally get my brain completely wrapped around how to plot the book and give enough trials to my main character so they make a satisfying transformation into a much better person. (Maybe that’s a bit too specific…)

    Oh! And while I’m dreaming… It would be in Cedar City. We could lure some cool people to come during the Shakespear Festival.

    On second thought…maybe not here. That kind of puts the kibosh on me running away to stay in a hotel….mmmmmm, silence.

    Alright, so when I should expect this conference to occur? I’ll be waiting to jot it down on my calendar…

  2. 1. chris will be missed! i get priorities too, i’m just not good at figuring out mine. i admire people who figure theirs out, though. especially when it means making tough sacrifices.

    2. i really hope ann dee and carol don’t make too tough of sacrifices. because for some reason these pending changes are making me really nervous. why? because it kinda sorta sounds like goodbye, and i am really not good at that. or ready for that with this blog. i hope that’s not what this 2 means.

    3. a group of brilliant people helping me brainstorm ideas for my plot. because i love my character, but i hate my plot (what exists of it) and want to throw it away.

    discussing each person’s WIP in-depth and feeling like everyone really cared about each other’s works – cared through the time they put into reading each other’s and commenting and giving helpful feedback. (as in, not feeling like everyone is there for their work only.)

    time to write and work on improving the craft of writing.

    talk about word choice. practice word choice. maybe work on improving a specific section.

    laugh and laugh and maybe hold all discussions on the beach (i know erin want’s cedar city, but my dream says everyone comes out here to california).

    and of course it has to include ann dee and carol.

  3. Heather

    So I’ve never been to a conference before, but I guess I like to see how other people work through their challenges when writing. I also think I would like time to write and implement the things people are teaching or talking about so it doesn’t all melt out of my brain before I get home and sit in front of my own computer. I would like to hear about how other people approach their plot. And, to tell you the truth, I would like someone to just listen to me sort of ramble on about my book for a few minutes. That would be cool 🙂


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