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Heeeeeere’s Kyra!

It’s Friday again.
The world is flying away at rapid speeds. It’s sort of ridiculous. And also kinda scary and I don’t know.
Since I’ve moved to the ‘ville I haven’t really done anything with my lazy life. Except finish my last and final rewrite. { Which I will be sending to an agent today!!!}
I don’t know what it is, but I think I may have caught the writer slump. You know the one that Mom and Ann Dee talk about a lot? The one where you’re depressed and sad all the time?
Except I’m not really sad these days. But I do have insomnia again {thank you, Tyler Durden}.
And I also can’t eat {okay. I can’t afford food so that doesn’t count}
My main concern is I’ve lost interest in everything I love. And it’s all been replaced by YouTube videos {Have you seen the one about the lady who hears herself for the first time? I got a little misty. } and also by bejeweled. Wawaaaaawaaa.

Back to writing.
I have learned something over the years that I feel must be shared.
Bad reviews.

Back in the day …. I was reading 10-15 novels a month and I was also writing a LOT of book reviews.
And I’m ashamed to say some of them were not so nice.
For some reason the 17-year-old me thought I had a lot of great bits of my mind to share about certain novels I didn’t enjoy.
I do still agree with my opinion on what I said about certain novels {they don’t need to be named…. Except For the Book Title My Mom Just Edited that Shall Not be Named. I’d still use those pages as TP if the paper was softer}. But I realize now I shouldn’t have posted some of my reviews so publicly. {goodreads, amazon and such}
Authors get those reviews. And sadly enough, they read them. And when you’re being a giant jerk about a novel, it could really hurt someone’s feelings. And someone put a lot and time and effort into that crap. And I don’t know.
If you don’t like a book, move on. I’m not saying you can’t review a book and say you didn’t like it, or that it wasn’t for you, but don’t be a total bitch about it. {Like how I was above about Except For the Book Title My Mom Just Edited that Shall Not be Named. See, and now I feel bad. }
I love book reviews. And I love reading the ones where people really adored the novel. It makes me happy to see that people are still passionate about books like they are movies, music, and Facebook. {even Facebook likes books }
I hope this didn’t come off sounding preachy or dumb.

That being said. . . WAITING got a starred review from Kirkus!! Congrats, Mom!!

And last but not least. I just recently read a review where the person actually COUNTED how many swear words the author put in their novel. Hahaha
I hope when I get published that I get a review like that. Cuz the person counting will have a lot to keep track of. Hahaha
Goodnight, people!!!!

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