PAH Winner and Romance

You guys, it’s been a little rocky the past few days and we apologize. Things got crazy but we are on the road to recovery . . . we hope. But last week’s entries were amazing. Really and truly. You should all keep writing those dystopians.

Last week’s PAH winner was Marisa VanSkiver! Congrats Marisa! We’ll get a book out to you right away. And if you’ve won on the PAH side and haven’t gotten a book in the mail, please email us and re-give us your address. We are trying to keep everything straight but it’s a challenge. Next time we do a competition like this, we are going to have to get some help.

Now romance. When my husband and I were dating and he kissed me for the first time, I slapped his face. Hard. Then I kissed him some more. It was very romantic and it’s a true story. I also later kicked him out of the house and he was confused. But that’s what love is, right? Romantic love, anyway. Please have fun with this one. I think it’s going to be hilarious.



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7 responses to “PAH Winner and Romance

  1. CLW

    Well, it’s going to be funny if YOU write the book. I want to know why you slapped your husband.

    My first kiss–I was 20. Yes, 20.

    And the guy followed me into my garage and laid one on me, or tried to, and I was like “Uh, wait. I ummm, I’ve never kissed a boy before.” There were unpacked boxes between us (that’s STILL the story of my you-know-what life! Unpacked boxes, not boys wanting to kiss me) and he leaned over those boxes and said, “Here’s how.”

    I became a professional kisser after that.

    Sigh. I loved that boy!

    • rbs

      WoWWWWWW! and SiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiGH! VERY Romantic!!! I was 12, at my first girl-boy party. Lights were low and Bobby kissed me and I kissed him back, but when I went home, I brushed my teeth till gums bled and then knelt in prayer to ask Heavenly Father’s forgiveness. I can still hear Him laughing. (HF, not Bobby.)

  2. Kyra

    I don’t remember my first kiss very well. It is slightly mixed up between two boys Mom thought had too many tattoos.

    Ann Dee. I can imagine you slapping someone. But I can’t imagine you kissing them.

    heh heh heh just kidding

  3. rbs

    Well, I guess yesterday’s comment about my first kiss will have to serve as a sorta romantic substitute submission. Sniff. Sniff.

    Because I didn’t see the challenge until yesterday morning and because I sold a bunch o’ stuff on and the folks took 3 hours at my house to buy and take it away, I slumped down onto the one remaining couch, looked up at the clock and say it was half-past-9; and I cried. I had so wanted to meet EVERY freakin’ challenge. Dang!

    Good luck to all those who wrote instead of acting like a neighborhood RC Willey.


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