The Real Results and the New Contest

Cait (my fourth daughter) is our judge this week. We thought it’d be nice if someone who’s a teen read the entries and so we’ve asked her to help.

Over the last few years, I have read a few dystopian novels (including Mom’s DD–over and over and over and. . .) CANDOR, FEED, and UGLIES to name a few. I really like it when the author has a good sense of place, a strong voice and characters that want you to keep reading about them. In Ally Condie’s MATCHED I really liked the secret relationship and the character development. The world felt real.

This was waaaay harder than I thought it would be. Every single one of these entries–well, I wanted to keep reading. Write these books, everyone. Sell them! I have to buy copies.

I hated having to pick TWO people to leave because I thought every one was great.
Here is who I chose as Top Winner:
Freida Avengertz
I liked this start because I found myself reading through quickly, wanting to know more. This had great voice and great sense of place. I actually gasped when the parents are shot in the hall. And while I didn’t know a lot about the main character, I liked what I saw of him.
I had to tell my mom all this stuff over the phone. I feel badly that two of you are moving to the play at home side because I really thought ALL these entries were equally balanced. So, I started looking for tiny things to edge one above the other.
Those who are going to the Play at Home side: Lori Brown and Republic of Deseret.
Just know this–I would read any one of these books. In my mind, you all won.

This is going to be one of my favoritest EVER contests because this will be EASY PEASY. We want 500 words (or less) on a romance novel.
The entry must include one kiss–and it has to be a good kiss! There must be a real problem evident and don’t forget sense of place and character development.
Let us see the characters, paint true pictures.

Use a new name, but don’t tell anyone that name until after the judging is over.
Because of technical difficulties, the contest closes at nine (9) pm on Wednesday, March 14.

 Yup, tomorrow evening.

Remember, the old standards–You may vote for two (2) people.
Judging will be on Thursday and Friday and will close midnight.

Get those romantic juices flowing (that’s gross, I know) and go slather on some make up. Even if you are a guy.
Put on some stilettos, the Bombshell Bra (exclusively at Victoria’s Secret) (any color or print, you choose) and a sexy bo dexy dress and get to writing!

(Pictures of dress are encouraged after judging closes.)


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4 responses to “The Real Results and the New Contest

  1. CLW

    Thank you, Ann Dee, for doing this.

  2. I can’t wait to read me some kissy scenes!

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  4. rbs

    Such a great picture of last week’s judge – Miss Cait!!! Beautiful really. And I know this contest cannot have been easy to run, but it has been SO DANG AWESOME! I love the contests, writing and reading the entries. Thank you. Thank You. THANK You. THANK YOU!!!!


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