Kyra Here–Sort Of

I can’t believe it’s Friday again.
I honestly thought that this week would never end.
It’s been a pretty bad one for me.
The crazy girl I was renting from kicked Laura and me out. And she stole our money.
My insomnia has gotten worse. And now when I fall asleep, it’s at like five thirty in the morning.
Eric has been working non-stop so he’s hardly even talked to me at all. Aaannndd
Mom is moving again.
Which means more boxes, more packing, heavy lifting, deep cleaning and getting the grand piano out of her kitchen in one piece.

How does any of this have to do with writing?
Well, it technically doesn’t. This week is why I am not doing a book review, or anything else that has to do with writing.

I did submit my entire novel to an agent a few weeks ago.
I haven’t heard back still. But I am very much freaking out on the inside. And out. I’ve prayed every night that he likes it. But I guess I still have to give it a couple more weeks.
I’m sorry about the non-writer-like post. I really will do better next week. And I’ll include a book review of WAITING.
Over and out.


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9 responses to “Kyra Here–Sort Of

  1. Cheryl

    Sorry to hear you’ve had a bad week 😦
    Here’s sending you wishes for a great weekend and finding a great new place to start over!

  2. WAY TO GO on sending your novel out! i hope next week is better for you 🙂 it will be. and tell your mom that you guys need to drive out here to CA for a sunny weekend. the beach will get your spirits up. (you can crash in my kids’ room if you need. i keep telling ann dee too. though if you all came, it can’t be at the same time. we only have one kids’ room for you to crash in, and i’m sure cam and the boys wouldn’t want to share.)

    PS. not this weekend. we’re supposed to be getting a lot of rain starting tomorrow.

  3. PS2. i’m serious about the crashing. our apartment is only eight minutes from the beach . . .

  4. I’ll be right there.

    Oh. Wait. I better wait for my invitation…

    hum, diddly, hum….


  5. Oh and Kyra…sorry for the stinky week. Hope things get better. Think of it as the crappy part that needs to be there before you land your agent. Ya know, so it makes the story better when you tell it to your massive crowd of fans. 🙂

  6. I’ll be submitting mine book to agents this summer too, and I’m sure I’ll catch the panic/anxiety attacks. I add my prayers to yours. =)

  7. Kyra

    You guys are so nice!
    And Shar I will take you up on that offer….one day. haha


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