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My boys keep tying up my baby

Is that a problem? How do I make it stop?

Also, we only have three more weeks of the contest. Many of you have commented that you learned a lot while participating. We have also learned a lot too. A lot, a lot. And we have some ideas of how we’ll do it differently next time (If there is a next time. Should there be a next time? We don’t know). It’s a big commitment and everyone who has participated is awesome. I love reading your entries and I’m glad we have guest judges to pick the winners, because every week I am torn.

It will be sad for it to end but it will also be nice to get back to regular blogging. We have some writing-marathons coming up and other fun stuff.

One question, what is your favorite YA or MG book that you have read in the past year? And I’m talking about books that have pushed you as a writer? What books have you read recently that taught you about character? Plot? Setting? Pacing? Made you think about your own writing differently? Novels, not craft books. I’m getting a list together and I’d love to hear your input.

I think that’s all for now. Get working on those fairy tales. My boys love Rumpelstiltskin. they also like to tie the refrigerator door to the bathroom door. It’s very convenient.


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